Doctor Argues Jesus Performed Plastic Surgery

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plastic surgeryCosmetic surgery was once mostly popular for celebrity personalities, but now cosmetic procedures have reached an all-time high across the United States regardless of status. Within the number which continues to rise are many Christians who have opted to undergo vanity procedures. However, many who have experienced a not so favorable outcome now believe cosmetic surgery is a sin. Dr. K.O. Paulose, a world-class ENT plastic and laser surgeon, argues against that theory, stating Jesus performed the first plastic surgery.

Andressa Urach, a Christian, and Brazilian model, almost died after experiencing a botched surgery. Urach said after losing consciousness, she died and met God. After surviving the near death experience, the model says God told her plastic surgery is a sin. The model said:

My life flashed before me like a film. I felt ashamed and knew I was not worthy to enter heaven. I asked for forgiveness and begged for another chance; I promised to make amends.

Jessica Choi also felt overwhelming regret after having plastic surgery. The Los Angeles property manager went under the knife to make a few changes to her face. Choi felt as if she had sinned and remembers hearing God repeatedly ask her why she would do such a thing because he had made her perfect.

Unlike the Christians Paulose considers radical, he has at least 38 years of experience and believes he is doing God’s work when he operates on patients. He agreed some procedures are considered unnecessary, however, the art of plastic surgery is more complex than that. As an ENT surgeon, Paulose specializes in surgery of the ears and nose. He works at a Christian mission hospital located in India where he services the poor and those with deformities which affect their health. Paulose added:

God is using me as an instrument of His healing ministry to fulfill His purpose.

While some Christians believe it is a sin to alter the way God made them, Paulose, referencing the Biblical verse John 18:10 said, on the eve Christ’s crucifixion he performed plastic surgery. Peter, one of his disciples, had cut off the ear of a soldier in Gethsemane and Jesus had mercy on the soldier, picked up his ear, and put it back. Jesus could have worked a miracle by stopping the bleeding while leaving the man with one ear, but he did not. He had mercy on the soldier, performed plastic surgery and replaced his ear.

plastic surgeryPastor John Piper agrees somewhat that cosmetic surgery is against God’s plan for mankind. He argues that God formed humanity in the womb and some things about a person will not change. It boils down, according to the pastor, to trusting that God knows what he is doing. Since God does not make mistakes, argues Piper, people should just present their bodies, with all the likes and dislikes, as a living sacrifice which is acceptable to God.

Paulose believes there are different reasons people opt for plastic surgery. If someone wants to alter their facial features or other body parts for vanity, that would be considered unnecessary, however if a patient is having trouble breathing because of a crooked nose, rhinoplasty should be an option. It is radical to say all plastic surgery is a sin, especially when so many Christians wear makeup, fake hair, and nails. To call those things sinful would be just as absurd as saying plastic surgery is a sin.

Just as with any type of surgery, cosmetic surgery is not without risks. There are many complications that could arise during and after a surgical procedure.  As with any surgery, the patient has the ability to reduce those risks by performing certain lifestyle changes, from quitting smoking to eating a healthy diet before and after the procedure. Both of these can speed healing and improve wound closure, which also minimizes scarring.

While some Christians believe it is a sin to alter the way God made them, Paulose said that is radical thinking because God does not look at the outward appearance, he looks at the heart. People may have run into complications with surgery, but that does not make it a sin. God performed the first plastic surgery and according to Dr. K. O. Paulose, he is being used by God as an instrument of healing when he performs plastic surgery.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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