Donald Trump and Macy’s Cut Suits & Ties

Donald Trump
Donald Trump continues to lose major endorsements and partnerships as Macy’s cut suits and ties with the investment mogul both figuratively and literally. The Trump Collection, a business men’s fashion line, was picked up by Macy’s and sold in the company’s department stores since 2004. The collection includes an array of ties, suits, and shirts that give customers that expensive Trump look without the expensive Trump cost. However, in light of the recent remarks the mogul has made about Mexicans, Macy’s said they are done supporting his fashion endeavours.

The nationwide department store is known for its values on diversity and inclusion. From their employment record to their customers, Macy’s has a wide range of cultural clientele. In a statement released Tuesday, July 1, the company said they will no longer be supporting the investor’s line as his derogatory and racist statements are clearly inconsistent with the values that Macy’s holds dear. The company will phase out his collection as soon as possible and will discontinue any other business partnerships.

Upon receiving the news, the TV personality released his own statement saying that he was the one who cut ties with Macy’s. The presidential candidate said that he cut ties with the department store due to their support of illegal immigration and because his collection was made in China, a fact that the investor says was against his wishes. He further states that though his partnership with Macy’s was a small one, his principles are much more important to him. If, in fact, he so chooses to partner with another store, he says he must insist on having his collection made in America. Although Trump and Macy’s have cut suits and ties, their reasonings seem to be on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

This is not the first big breaking partnership that the combover king has had in recent weeks. Just this week NBC also dropped him from hosting their show The Apprentice as well as cancelling his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. One week before that, Univision dumped the mogul and said they will no longer be airing his pageants either. The political hopeful, of course, says that he is not the one being dumped but instead the one doing the dumping. He says he refuses to do business with any company that supports illegal immigration and has a weak stance on border control. The former Apprentice host tweeted earlier today saying,

At this point, it is unclear as to how many more business partnerships are on the rise to breaking away from the investors empire, however, in terms of presidential candidacy, critics say the million dollar man is fueling a fire set to burn any chance of winning. Kevin Madden, a CNN political commentator, says that the millionaire is creating way too much noise that could potentially hurt, not only his chances at a presidential win but the GOP overall. With 40 percent of the Latino vote needed, according to Madden, the Republican party has no winning chance with the combover king continuing his racist diatribe on immigrants. As Trump and Macy’s cut suits and ties over racial slurs geared toward Mexicans, that 40 percent seems a long ways away for the GOP.

Donald Trump has continually altered the perspective of voters and media observers by releasing statements contrary to those of the partnerships he is losing. Some voters say that it is his cheap attempt at making his racial slurs seem valid and putting the blame on companies who do not support his agenda. Although some do believe that illegal immigration and border control are an important issue, they do not agree with the manner in which he has chosen to speak on them. Whether or not Trump dumped Macy’s or Macy’s dumped him, the end result is yet another business partnership broken due to insensitive remarks made by a potential president. Remarks that cause major concern for voters nationwide.

By Danyol Jaye
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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