Donald Trump Comments on McCain Could Be the Final Nail in the Coffin

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In mid-June of this year, Donald Trump announced his campaign for President of the United States. Since that time, he has repeatedly made headlines concerning his remarks on illegal immigrants from Mexico. Most recently, the candidate has sparked criticism over his comments about John McCain not being a war hero. Trump has been denounced by many in the GOP and his comments on McCain could be the final nail in the coffin for his campaign.

On Saturday, July 18, 2015, Trump said he believed McCain is a war hero only because he was captured and was a POW as confirmed by Bloomberg. This is part of a retaliation for a statement McCain made regarding an Arizona rally over illegal immigration. McCain called the Americans concerned with this issue and followers of the businessman “crazy.” The candidate took offense with this and claimed that he will not apologize to the senator for his statement because when taken in context there is no problem.

Trump’s belief on illegal immigration has been getting him in trouble with not only liberals, but the rest of the GOP presidential field. According to NBC News, many of the candidates have been denouncing Trump and moving as far from him as possible. Bloomberg reports Rick Perry has called for his withdrawal from the race. NBC News shows that most others claim he is practically insane regarding his comments on McCain being a war hero and perhaps this is the final nail in the Trump campaign.

As far as the candidate’s ideology goes, he has stated that, “Mexico is sending its worst.” The Washington Post reported he further claims the country is sending criminals over by the hundreds. They said he believes there should be a wall on the border, and it should be secure at all times. However, he has recanted somewhat with comments about loving the Mexican people and having their best interests in mind.

Despite the GOP’s disagreement with the candidate, he has continued to lead in the polls. According to Slate, the latest Fox News polls taken July 18 put him at the lead of the pack over Scott Walker and Jeb Bush. The Republican has been number one with the voters for the past few weeks. This would make it seem that the American people find something appealing about the business man, at least where his stance on illegal immigration is concerned.

Most experts agree that his appeal lies in his matter-of-factness. The Washington Examiner shows that people like the way he refuses to back down from his beliefs and the statements he makes. This is not characteristic of most politicians and can be refreshing to voters who are ready for a change. Yet, these experts also agree it is in the other candidates best interests to continue to separate themselves from Trump.

Furthermore, they believe he is just a passing phase. The Washington Examiner reports that he is in the forefront right now because he is different and is striking a cord with what matters to people at this moment. However, Slate shows the experts agree this phase will pass as will his time at the top of the polls. Many also believe that the reality television star is not a serious candidate and is merely using this platform to push his agenda.

The presidential election is well over a year away and many things will change during that time. Most experts agree it is too soon for anyone to make a prediction on the outcome of the election or to discount any mistakes yet to be made by the current field. Currently, Trump seems to be striking a cord with the majority of Republican voters. However, Bloomberg explains how it is predicted that his comments on McCain could be the final nail in Trump’s campaign.

By Megan Hellmann


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