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Drake Signs Safaree Samuels to OVO Sound Amid Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj Feud?



People are convinced that Drake could potentially be signing Safaree Samuels to his OVO Sound record label following their feud with Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj. Should the rumor be true, it would seem that Samuels will have the last laugh after all.

Last week, hip-hop fanatics were buzzing over allegations made by Mill, claiming that Drake does not write his own lyrics for the majority of his songs. The rapper went on to insinuate that his industry enemy was getting help in the recording studio from his protege Quentin Miller, who was believed to have had a ‘strong input’ in the material that made the cut for Drake’s fourth studio album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

The 28-year-old would go on to respond to Mill’s comments by releasing a brand new song, Charged Up, which addresses everything from supposedly having his musical content written by other people, to his endless chances on sleeping with Nicki Minaj. Minaj is known to currently be dating Mill, who she started seeing following her split from Samuels last summer.

While Samuels and Minaj shared a 12-year relationship together, things turned sour when Mill supposedly came in the picture. The Super Bass songstress’ ex-boyfriend, also an up-and-coming rapper and producer, went on to release several diss tracks of his own against the 28-year-old who he solely blames for ruining what the couple had. 

Samuels’ latest dig at Minaj and Mill came with a brand new song titled Lifeline, where he openly admits to having written some of his ex’s biggest songs, including Roman’s Revenge. He goes on to bash her current beau by saying that the All Eyes on You rapper resembles a monkey, and that the only thing keeping his career hot in the hip-hop industry is purely down to who he is currently dating.

Regardless of what has been said, it seems to have interested Drake enough to reach out to Samuels. Rumor has it that the Canadian-native wants to work with Samuels under his recording company, it has been claimed. The rumor, which stemmed from several tweets from people familiar with the situation, did not feel the need to stay silent when hinting that a shake-up is about to erupt like a volcano.

Drake signing Samuels to his label would not be all that shocking since the two have been mutual friends through Minaj’s association with Young Money, the musical group that the Take Care rapper is affiliated with, too. Furthermore, Drake working with Minaj’s ex could also work in his favor since he holds all the secret details regarding the 32-year-old female rapper and her music career. Samuels holds enough dirt on his ex, he could easily pen multiple best-selling books out of the stories he has on her, such as the alleged plastic surgeries, her diva demands, and her infamous feud with Lil’ Kim.

While Drizzy may not necessarily have a direct beef with his on-again, off-again YMCMB friend, sources have recently been claiming that Minaj could quite possibly be the reason behind all the drama. How could Mill have known Drake has an alleged ghostwriter? All eyes are on Nicki (pun intended), seeing that she has been in the studio with the 28-year-old on multiple occasions, penning their hits, Make Me Proud and Up All Night. Perhaps she saw something that she felt needed to be shared with her boyfriend, who strongly prides himself for supposedly writing all of his own rhymes. 

As of yet, nothing has been confirmed, but with everybody currently anticipating for Mill to respond to Drake’s diss track, it is more than likely that this beef is not going to end anytime soon. Could Samuels make a perfect fit under the OVO team?

By Maurice Cassidy

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