Nina Dobrev Depressed: No Work, No Money — Turns to Partying


Nina Dobrev could potentially spiral out of control now that she is ‘unemployed’ and is constantly reminded on how well her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is doing now that he has married the love of his life, Nikki Reed. Reports claim that the actress, who allegedly quit Vampire Diaries after having grown tired of seeing Somerhalder on set, is starting to show early signs that she is not handling her career downfall too well.

Credible news outlets have claimed in recent months that Dobrev has not found it easy making a name for herself outside of the CW show. The 26-year-old knew she had to leave the program as things were beginning to get awkward between her and Somerhalder, who had announced to the cast he would be marrying his Twilight fiancee at a lavish ceremony following the season wrap-up. It was too much, and Dobrev felt it was only right for her to finally move on with her life.

But things are proving themselves to be more of a challenge, despite the résumé that Dobrev holds to her name. Having starred in blockbuster movies, one of the highest-rated shows on the CW, and a former cast member of the TV-program Degrassi, the Canadian star is still said to be struggling in landing anything worthy that she could commit her time to. Offers that have come her way in recent months are measly ones that are either not challenging or the salary just is not as high as the one she was receiving on Vampire Diaries. Dobrev made a reported $75,000 per episode.

It does not help to then go on and learn that Somerhalder now plans on starting a family of his own, having introduced Reed to the idea of welcoming their own children into the world. At the time of Somerhalder’s split from Dobrev, it was believed that the couple may have parted ways because the actress was not ready to settle down and become a mother. She was in the moment of finding herself in Hollywood, stressing that she wanted to make a name for herself and be financially stable before even considering the idea of having children. It was said to have been the key reason as to why their romance collapsed so quickly.

With all of the drama that has surrounded Dobrev lately — no work, no boyfriend and no income — the 26-year-old has turned to partying as a way to relief herself from all the negative things that have been thrown her way. She is currently held up in St. Tropez, where photos of her partying on a yacht did not go unnoticed. It seems that Dobrev is having the time of her life when she does not have to think of the reality that things are not looking too good for her career right now.

Some fans have even compared her to having shown early signs of Lindsay Lohan-ism — a disorder that strips a talented actress from all she has worked for because she begins to love the partying scene more than the idea of chasing her dream. Dobrev is mostly known for her time on TVD, and that show alone is not enough to give her enough credibility in demanding roles off the back, i.e Angelina Jolie. If clubbing is the route she is taking now that she does not have much going for herself, she may be looking at an early retirement.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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