Dwayne Wade to Stay With Miami Heat With Alleged 20 Million Dollar Deal

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wadeAccording to a source who is close to those familiar with a pending deal, NBA star Dwayne Wade will be staying with the Miami Heat for the 2016 season, and will sign when the date comes.

There is no information regarding the name of the source close to negotiation between Wade and the Miami Heat. No NBA deals can be finalized until July 9, after all deals from the draft are completed.

The source told the Associated Press on Thursday that Wade is now in a pending deal to sign back on for one year. The deal is reportedly worth $20 million.

Wade’s alleged 20-million-dollar deal with the Heat ends what some in the sports world have called a, “contentious saga,” between the two parties. According to the source close to the basketball player, the franchise star was apparently open to ending his time in Miami and accepting offers from other teams. Wade was said to be ready to leave the organizations, “moreso than ever before.”

The 11-time NBA All-Star averaged 21.5 points last season. If the deal goes through, Wade may end up finishing his career with the Heat.

By Alex Lemieux


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Photo Courtesy of Bridget Samuels’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License