‘Into the Badlands’ New AMC Series Panel at Comic-Con [Preview & Video]

Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands is a new action-packed martial arts series on AMC that had a panel discussion about it at the San Diego Comic-Con, complete with a video clip giving the audience there an adrenaline-fueled glimpse at what the series will be about. The clip can be viewed, below. Currently, AMC has signed up for six one-hour-long episodes of Into the Badlands for its first season, set to premiere in November, though that number could conceivably rise, if enough anticipation builds and it gets good ratings right out of the gate.

The Into the Badlands Comic-Con panel on the new series was held on Saturday, July 11, at 10:30 a.m. PT, in Room 5AB. The panel was moderated by Roth Cornet, of IGN. Cornet critiques movies and TV series for the website.

AMC calls Into the Badlands a series that is “very loosely based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West.” At the AMC website, there are two other clips about the “Fight Camp” that Daniel Wu organized in New Orleans, Louisiana, to prepare the actors working on Into the badlands to try to look convincing as martial artists. Master Dee Dee was one of the main trainers, from Hong Kong, having worked on films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Kill Bill volumes I and II and the Matrix movies.

Master Dee Dee and the other trainers pushed the actors to their limits, striving to get them ready for making the fight scenes in Into the Badlands look as convincing as possible. Prior to shooting a scene involving martial arts, the trainers and actors work on the choreography of it. The show is about struggle and survival, and the spiritual journey that the main characters go through.

Wu wanted the martial arts in the series to be as “dazzling” as possible, and to attract viewers by showcasing amazing fight scenes. Signing on Master Dee Dee as a trainer and adviser certainly was a good move, as he is one of the best in the business.

The Into the Badlands panel included Executive Producers and Showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, Executive Producer and Fight Director Stephen Fung, Executive Producer and Director David Dobkin, and cast members like Daniel Wu, who also is an executive producer, along with Aramis Knight, Marton Csokas, Orla Brady and Emily Beecham. Though the series has not yet had much word-of-mouth about it, the panel was well-attended.

In Into the Badlands, actor Daniel Wu plays the main protagonist, Sunny, played by Daniel Wu, a ruthless and well-trained warrior, skilled at using martial arts and wielding dual katanas. The land is controlled by feudal barons, at least some intent on growing poppies and producing opium.

The modern world is wedded with the past, as Sunny is seen at the start of the clip riding a motorcycle, but with fields of poppies on either side of the road he races down. The feudal barons look like a combination between Southern plantation owners and modern-day drug lords.

One of the main bad guys in the clip, simply referred to as “the Baron,” offers the people working in his poppy fields the chance to train to become martial artists, working for him. “Nonody knows what is true,” is one of the famous taglines from the show. The Baron tells a gorup of men he offers the choice, “Do you want to kill in my name?” and they roar their approval. Another tagline from the clip is “There is no God in the Badlands.”

After dispatching several armed men out to kill him, Sunny opens up a trunk they had been transporting and discovers a teen boy inside of it. Sunny and the teen boy, M.K., played by Aramis Knight, embark on what the press release for the series calls “a spiritual journey across a dangerous land.” M.K. mentions another one of the villains, known as “the Widow.”

All in all, from the look of the premiere video trailer from Into the Badlands by AMC, which was shown on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con, and the two video clips at the AMC website about the “Fight Camp” that Wu and Master Dee Dee organized, along with Stephen Fung, the series looks like it will be intense and action-packed, yet another winner for AMC. November is when the exciting martial arts series is set to debut.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Into the Badlands (AMC) Comic-Con Video Trailer

Into the Badlands AMC Press Release
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