‘Once Upon a Time’ Teases Season 5 at Comic-Con [Video]

Once Upon a Time

During a panel for Once Upon a Time at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 11, teasers were given in regards to what viewers could expect in Season 5 of the ABC show. There was also some talk about how the fourth season had ended, with Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, getting consumed by darkness. The question for some, is whether or not Emma would be able to defeat the darkness which was released from Rumple.

While fans of Once Upon a Time have raised these concerns about Emma, Entertainment Weekly indicated that the Dark Swan was actually a strong character, who is also very tough and interesting. The season ended with the question of where Emma could have possibly disappeared to. Now, however, it seems as if a special sneak peak of the upcoming Once Upon a Time Season 5 at Comic-Con, has teased the answer to where she went after being consumed.

Based on the teaser presented, it seems that the Dark Swan is actually in the Enchanted Forest. The sneak peak even showcases Emma in all of her dark glory, as she rips out the heart of the man who is apparently holding her captive.

Morrison spoke about her character and what she has had to deal with throughout her life. As she points out, Emma has had to overcome so much and has constantly been asked to be the bigger person in situations. Now though, she has the darkness within herself and it has actually allowed her to be set free. This means that if Emma wants a chance at breaking free from this evil, she must face the darkness on her own and determine how best to actually overcome it.

Beyond the Dark Swan storyline, there was also talk about what happens next with Rumple as he has been completely freed of the darkness that has consumed his life for so many centuries. For now, his body is tasked with repairing itself from all of the evil which has done so much damage.

The Dark Swan storyline was not the only Once Upon a Time tease of Season 5 offered at Comic-Con either. In fact, there were a number of reveals at the panel for what is to come on the ABC show.

Up first there was the news that characters from the Brave universe would be making their way to the Once Upon a Time set. The announcement came with the identification of who would be playing Merida for the show. The Scottish actress, Amy Manson, who has appeared on the show Being Human, will be playing the feisty archer.

There was also some discussion regarding Hook, who may have had a connection to Camelot. In Once Upon a Time, Camelot actually exists, but in a parallel universe to even that of the story book.

Other news and teases for the show included the question of whether or not Henry would end up regretting having destroyed Arthur’s quill. There was also some talk of Regina and her realization that she could possibly be happy in life. Relationships and love seem to be a major aspect of the teasers and what is upcoming for the fifth season.

Comic-Con is known to be the place to get the inside scoop and teases of shows and movies, and Once Upon a Time is no exception, as they open up about some of what to expect in Season 5. The fifth season is set to premiere on September 27, 2015.

By Kimberley Spinney


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