Jan Brewer Clears Trump’s Blurred Lines on Crime


On July 9, Jan Brewer, the bold and former governor of Arizona, extinguished flames on comments about crime and illegal immigration made by one of America’s notorious billionaires. Donald Trump, the flamboyant real estate mogul and presidential hopeful was held over the fire with his crude statements about Mexican criminals in Arizona. Brewer cleared Trump’s blurred lines on crime swiftly, due to the fact that it was her signature that forged the law that Trump spotlighted. During her stint as governor, she passed the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act. Under the law, immigrants are just given misdemeanors for not carrying registration documents, “green cards.” This law has allowed criminals to flourish and terrorize the Mexican and Arizona borders.

Trump, who announced his bid for president on June 16, said “I can’t apologize for the truth, they are bringing drugs, crime and rapists, and some, I assume are good people.” Brewer spoke to CNN after Trump’s interview adding, “I think everybody knows that he is right.” The ex-governor of Arizona, who boldly served from 2009-2015, explained that her years as a resident in Arizona were overwhelmed by its horrendous problems of crime, and illegal immigration. Nogales, a city that shares the same border with Mexico, has been held hostage by rival drug cartels and borderland violence over the last two decades. The drug trafficking routes along the borders put Brewer in the political hot box for most of her tenuous term as governor.

Brewer has never held her tongue, calling President Obama a “failed president, and a very big disappointment.” There were no blurred lines though when she cleared Trump’s comments on crime, as the facts could not be camouflaged. The Mexican border lines have become the largest suppliers of heroin and cocaine, however crude Trump’s comments on Mexico’s immigrants were, the facts are dreadfully relevant.

The parents of the children that were recently slayed by the borderland violence told FOX NEWS that they also agreed with Trump’s comments. Many of them also thanked the tycoon for just bringing the conversation to the table.The innocent victims that live along the fences of the borderline war zones are victims of the laws that were made to protect them. The White house and Congress are unable to agree on reforms for the troubled state, which leaves the people, mostly legalized citizens, exposed to the threats and tyranny of the drug cartels.

The former governor of Arizona said in a statement that,”people a thousand miles away can rely on statistics, but the people who live on the border experience a different reality.” She believes that Trump is “telling it like it is,” and not blinding the American people with his comments. Jan Brewer cleared the blurred lines on crime for Trump, holding the adage, “friend of my enemy,” to its word.

Many sponsors such as NBC, NASCAR, and Univision have severed corporate partnerships with Trump, but with allies such as Jan Brewer and  3 billion dollars in real estate, it would be hard to see anyone stop Brewer and Trump in their crusade against the violence in the border lands. Brewer recently defended Trump’s comments on the Mexican “rapists,” by saying that the mogul was just dropping a “truth bomb.” It was a bold stand for Brewer who once called herself the governor of the “gateway of illegal immigration.” When Trump called immigrants killers and drug dealers, the Arizona reformist, with a timely thumbs up,  saved Trump’s notoriety and hope for the faceless victims of Arizona.

By Phillip Hernandez


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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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