Jimmy Fallon Returned to ‘Tonight Show’ With Paul Rudd and Jon Glaser

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Jimmy Fallon returnbed to the Tonight Show after both recovering from an injury to his finger he suffered when he fell and caught the edge of the counter top in his kitchen with his ring finger, and microsurgery that had to be performed on it. His two main guests on the Tonight Show were actor Paul Rudd from Ant-Man and Jon Glaser, who is one of the stars of Train Wreck. Fallon played a new game, Drinko, with Rudd later in the episode. The musical guest was the band, Echosmith.

Fallon started off the Tonight Show by doing his monologue. He still had his left hand in a cast. Fallon joked about new items like Scott Walker announcing that he was “running for President.” That makes him the 15th Republican candidate running.

Fallon said that “During our break, Chris Christie actually announced he was running for President.” He said that Christie had a friend he called “Fat Jack, or as he now calls him, ‘Regular-sized Jack.”

He mentioned that the Teachers’ Union endorsed Hillary Clinton, and said that Ariana Grande “issued multiple apologies for licking a bunch of donuts and saying that she ‘hates America.'” He and the Tonight Show announcer, Steve Higgins, then did a series of jokes about that.

“McDonald’s is under fire for their Minion toys they released with their Happy Meals,” Fallon said. “They sound like they’re saying bad words.” He showed a clip of someone making a Minion toy make noise, but it did not sound all that much like it was saying anything.

At his desk, Fallon talked about being excited to be back, and then how he had his accident. He said “I tripped and fell on a braided rug in our kitchen.” Then, he snagged his ring finger on the counter top as he was falling. He said that he had to “have microsurgery” and he had to have a vein taken out of off his foot to be put into his injured finger to save it. He was in ICU for ten days, but the doctor managed to save his finger.

Fallon talked about being pretty bored while he was in ICU, and he read a book about the meaning of life. He said he also watched the movie The Duff three times.

Higgins did not have any better of a break. He said that he was feeling sick during the break and went to a doctor. He found out that he tested positive for having Lyme Disease.

Then, Fallon said that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be on the Tonight Show tomorrow. He stated that Paul Rudd will be on tonight, and he will play a new game called Drinko. Jon Glaser will also be stopping by, and they will have music from Echosmith.

Following a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced Paul Rudd, from the upcoming Marvel flick, Ant-Man. “You’re a superhero, buddy! I always told you that you were,” Fallon told Rudd.

Fallon asked Rudd if his son had ever seen him in a movie. Rudd told him, “Oh, yeah! He saw me already in Ant-Man.” Rudd said that his son tried on the helmet, and “was very excited.” Rudd said “It’s the coolest-looking suit. It’s like a vintage motorcycle suit.”

Fallon asked him about how acting with Michael Douglas was. Rudd replied “It was cool,” but he said “I could never shake the feeling that “I was acting with Michael Douglas.”

He told Fallon he “was going to Basic Instinct Michael Douglas.” He had his pants unzipped, trying to mess with Douglas.

Rudd said that “He was doing his lines, and it looked basically like I was pleasuring myself to Michael Douglas’ monologue.”

He said that Douglas finally stopped talking, and said “What are you, some kind of pervert?” Rudd explained that he was trying to Basic Instinct him, and then it seemed to be okay with Douglas.

They talked about the movie, and then Fallon showed a clip, but one with David Letterman in it, interviewing Rudd, saying the exact same things that Fallon had said. Then, Fallon showed the actual clip from the movie, with Michael Peña in it. It was a pretty cool and humorous clip. Then, the Tonight Show headed to another break.

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Back from the break, Rudd and Fallon played Drinko. Capri Sun, Wine Spritzer, and Gravy were some of the “beverages” in cups. Fallon and Rudd would have to drop discs and then drink whatever was in the cup the disc happened to fall in. Fallon went first. The disc landed in Peppermint Schnappes. Fallon drank it down, and then it was Rudd’s turn. Fallon dropped a disc, and Rudd had to drink Gravy — cold gravy, at that.

Both Fallon and Rudd then went up the stairs and dropped their discs. Whatever disc dropped into a cup first, the opponent would have to drink the combination of whatever the two drinks were that both discs would eventually land in. In this case, the combo was Gravy and Tequila.

Fallon was the one who had to chug the drink. He made a face, as if it was pretty nasty tasting. “This is the last time we’re playing Drinko, ladies and gentlemen,” Fallon said. Then, the Tonight Show headed to more commercials.

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When the Tonight Show came back, Fallon introduced his second guest, actor and writer Jon Galser, who stars with Amy Schumer in Train Wreck. Glaser was dressed in a black T-shirt that said “World Champions” on it. He said that he was “a fan of the woman’s soccer team.”

Fallon told him “That was on Friday,” wondering why he was still dressed like he was, as if he had just come from watching the game, in person. Glaser told Fallon “I didn’t see the game; I just saw the highlights.”

Glaser showed Fallon that he had some face paint on. The camera came in close, and the tip of his nose had “USA” on it in red, white and blue paint. Glaser said that Train Wreck will do well, but he joked that he “was worried about Minions.” Fallon then showed a funny clip from the flick, which is opening this Friday.

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Following a break, Fallon introduced the Tonight Show‘s musical guest, Echosmith, performing Let’s Love from their album, Talking Dreams. Fallon said that the group “is made up of four siblings.” The song sounded pretty cool, in a sort of New Wave or Alt Rock way. As the song ended, the audience erupted in applause.

That concluded the Tonight Show, a terrific episode that marked Fallon’s return after his injury, surgery, and time in ICU…what a miserable vacation! But, at least the doctor who operated on his finger was able to save it, and that was definitely good news to hear. Fallon’s guests, Paul Rudd of Ant-Man, Jon Glaser from Train Wreck, and Echosmith, all made for an entertaining Monday night episode of the Tonight Show.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Tim Lydon   July 13, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    …Aziz Ansari isn’t in Ant-Man. I think youre talking about Michael Pena… who’s not indian.

    • Douglas Cobb   July 13, 2015 at 10:32 pm

      Thanks, Tim — I have fixed the error, and I apologize for that. It was a pretty humorous part of the clip, but I guess maybe I need new glasses…or, at least I need to double-check the IMDb page for a movie, to be totally sure before I write something incorrect.


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