Kim Kardashian in Denial Over Alleged Forthcoming Kanye West Divorce?

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Kim Kardashian is extremely unhappy in her marriage to Kanye West, it has been reported. The 34-year-old, who is five months pregnant with her second child to the rapper, is said to be living a double life from the person she is at home and the one she lives when she is in public.

According to inTouch, Kardashian feels that her marriage to West is an absolute nightmare, a statement which seemingly blends with other outlets, which claim that the power couple have had so many bickering feuds in recent months, it is surprising to see them still together. West has very much wanted to do his own thing since the beginning of the year.

The New Slaves musician was said to have planned a joint tour with Rihanna for this summer, but those plans fell through when Kardashian reportedly stressed how much she wanted to have another baby, adding that she cannot be pregnant and alone again. Many Kardashian fans recall the absence of the 38-year-old’s presence at hospital appointments when the socialite complained she was having severe stomach aches during her pregnancy with North West. Still, West was nowhere to be found.

Regardless of whether he was present during her first pregnancy, the social media fanatic has not been seeing eye to eye with her husband in recent months, and it is beginning to stress her out, sources claim. Along with the alleged constant arguments, the 34-year-old strongly fears that with her husband working on his new Adidas collection and his forthcoming studio album, he will struggle to find time for her — especially once the baby arrives. West just drifts in and out of the marriage whenever he feels like, it seems.

Kardashian is said to have expected her marriage to be completely different. She did not think her man would spend a majority of his time in another country while she is heavily pregnant. She also did not think that her husband would be somewhat of a control freak, having openly admitted to being told she needed to throw away her entire closet, which was then replaced with clothes that the rapper wanted the plastic surgery fan to wear.

A source for inTouch reveals that Kardashian is dealing with the drama the best way she knows how — she does not acknowledge it. According to the insider, when the reality star witnessed her parents go through their nasty divorce battle, she acted as if the separation did not exist. “Kim can’t face the truth and hides her emotions. She won’t admit that her marriage to Kanye West is a nightmare,” the source shares. “She has lived in a fantasy world since she was a child. All she ever wanted was to be beautiful and famous because she has basically always been insecure and lonely. She hasn’t changed that much. Instead of dealing with her problems at the moment, she puts on a happy face.”

The 34-year-old has not made any public announcement, confirming any sort of problems in her marriage to West, nor has she shown any revealing signs that would hint at a possible breakup. Still, with multiple sources reporting the same thing, it seems pretty evident that there is trouble in paradise, yet Kardashian is willing to put up with it for the sake of her children she now shares with the Chicago-born musician.

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