Kim Kardashian Slams Rob’s Weight Gain: Claims He’s on Drugs, Depressed


Kim Kardashian has slammed her brother Rob Kardashian in her recent interview with Rolling Stone, sharing her frustration in not seeing her younger sibling wanting to change his unhealthy lifestyle. The 28-year-old is said to be suffering from severe depression following his enormous weight gain — he has packed on a whopping 140lbs since 2012, and recent photos of the TV-star proved that he was only getting bigger.

With the 34-year-old having tried her best to get her brother on the right path, by the look of things he has turned down all the offers she had made him, including an alleged 3-month stay at a fitness boot camp. Covering July’s issue for Rolling Stone, the famous socialite admitted her struggle in having to see her brother go through such a depressing life, even stating that she believes he is hiding in his room and smoking weed all day.

“Do I think that he smokes weed, drinks beer, and hangs out with his friends and plays video games all day? Yes,” Kardashian tells the outlet, assuring the mag that every family member has tried to help the troubled 28-year-old, but nothing has worked. As shown on the family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner once staged an intervention in hopes that it would save her son from what she believes will be a forthcoming trafic untimely death. Having called a therapist to Khloe Kardashian’s home, where the USC-graduate is currently living, the entire plan backfired as Kardashian refused to cooperate.

His depression reportedly stemmed from his breakup to British-songstress Rita Ora, who decided to call it quits with the reality star in 2012. While the Black Widow singer has stressed that the reasoning behind their split was down to her heavy workload, the Arthur George sock designer was convinced that his former girlfriend was cheating on him. He infamously blasted the 24-year-old on social media claiming she had cheated on him with over twenty men during the course of their one-year relationship. Ora has denied those claims, saying that her ex is bitter because she could not find time for him.

It has been three years since Kardashian started to pack on the pounds. As his sister claims in her latest interview, the TV-personality has not done anything to change his health condition. If he gets any bigger than he is, Kardashian will face serious health complications, and the fact that smoking weed and alcohol is often brought into mix, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant is spiralling out of control right in front of everybody’s eyes.

Fans of the famous family have since argued on social media that if their brother was facing depression and struggling to get his life together, exposing him in revealing interviews is not going to fix his problems. Other people say that with Kardashian putting light on her sibling’s health condition, people who have been wondering where the 28-year-old has been hiding, will now know what is going on with him. Judging by her comments, he is not doing too well.

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  1. jgonger   July 2, 2015 at 9:49 am

    i would lock myself up in a room too, if I had Kardashian as my last name.


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