‘Lip Sync Battle’: Justin Bieber vs. Deion Sanders

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Lip Sync Battle

On Lip Sync Battle tonight, Justin Bieber and Deion Sanders broke it down on the Lip Sync Battle dance floor in an epic showdown for the ages. It was a battles of wills and skills, of Old School NFL lip sync tactics and frozen tundra experience vs. New School heartthrob histrionics from the Bad Boy from Canada, Da Biebster. The co-hosts, LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, as always, were amiable and witty, adding both style and substance to the show with their running commentary on the performances of Bieber and Sanders.

At the beginning of Lip Sync Battle, LL Cool J said “What a crowd we have tonight!” He introduced his co-host and color commentator, Teigen, who said she was “excited” about tonight’s guests. she said that Bieber was “her favorite underwear model these days.”

Then on Lip Sync Battle, LL Cool J introduced “Primetime” Deion Sanders and pop sensation, Justin Bieber, who was wearing a hat. LL Cool J asked “Which one’s from Canada?” and when the Biebster raised his hand up, LL Cool J said he would be performing first “with a surprise song.” The song was Big Girls Don’t Cry. It was uber Bieber-AMAZING!

“When was the last time you had a good cry?” LL Cool J asked him.

“It’s been awhile. You wanna know why? ’cause big girls don’t cry,” Bieber said.

Sanders went next, and he lip synced to Play That Funky Music White Boy.He had the audience clapping with their hands above their head. really getting into the very funky performance that Sanders put on. He sang right in Biebster’s face when he lip synced the line “Play that funky music, white boy.”

“I’m sensing a little friction up here!” LL Cool J said. “It’s getting real up here!” As he said those words, Lip Sync Battle went to a commercial break.

When Lip Sync Battle came back on, it was time for the celebs to lip sync to their second song of the episode. This song, they could use props and back-up dancers, and wear costumes, if they wanted to play to the audience and add to the drama of the moment.

“This round is for the win!” LL Cool J said. Sanders was backstage rehearsing

Sanders came out wearing a white dress and he lip synced to Madonna’s hit song, Like a Virgin. There were female back-up dancers that added to the fun performance Sanders gave.

LL Cool J asked Sanders if this was his first time…lip syncing. He said that it was. Teigen asked him “I just wanna know what ‘Primetime’ can’t do.”

“Algebra,” Sanders replied. Bieber said he had tried hard to “hate,” how Sanders had done, but there was nothing to “hate.” He really liked the performance Sanders put on.

Lip Sync Battle

Following more commercials on Lip Sync Battle, Bieber lip synced his second song. He chose to lip sync to the Ozzy Osbourne classic hit, Crazy Train. He was dressed up like Ozzy, complete with a wig of long black hair, black shades, and a long gold chain dangling from his neck.

The audience really got into his performance, cheering and making the sign of the Devil’s horns with their fingers held up above their heads. Bieber’s eyes got all wide and psychotic, like Osbourne often does when he performs.

“Where would you rank performing on Lip Sync Battle?” LL Cool J asked him.

“Oh, this is Number One, for sure,” Bieber answered him. Lip Sync Battle headed to more commercials, but when the show returned, one of the two celebs would be the victor and go home with a Championship Belt, while the other one…would go home in abject defeat, with a tear-stained face.

On Lip Sync Battle, there could be only one winner, though two contestants began the episode. LL Cool J asked the audience who the winner was, saying “Who was it, Deion Sanders, or…is the winner Justin Bieber?” The audience roared louder for Bieber and chanted “Bieber, Bieber!” over and over again. Sanders got some audience members to chant his name.

Ultimately, LL Cool J said that the winner of this week’s Lip Sync Battle was…Deion Sanders! Both Sanders and Bieber had given it their all with their two lip sync performances, but Bieber ended up being declared the loser, and Sanders was tonight’s victor. At last notice, Bieber was seen shopping for a couple dozen eggs….

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Lip Sync Battle