Microsoft Corporation in the Ring With Heavyweight Champ Sony

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Microsoft Corporation

In this day and age, technology, gaming and keeping in touch constantly are daily expectations for most. Game consoles specifically have aimed to up the ante by combining social media, gaming, and searching online. The Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox brand has been known to go a few rounds in the ring with its opponent and the heavyweight champion, Sony. Since 2002, it has been a battle of endless rounds, as game consoles have surpassed projected technological goals. Though Sony has kept their sales above those of Microsoft Corporation, the Xbox creators have not backed down and have stayed in the fight through many grueling rounds. The most recent releases of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One have been brave contenders. Though the PS4 is outselling Xbox One 2-1, Microsoft Corporation will not back down without a fight.

Many attribute Xbox’s inability to match the sales of the PS4 to each console’s game options. The Sony Playstation often offers its games sooner than the Xbox. With today’s consumers being of an instantgratification generation, with gadgets aplenty to support that desire, they prefer getting the games before the users of their opponent’s game consoles. Another reason as to why the Microsoft Corporation lags behind its opponent is that many games are only offered through Sony. This has left the Xbox console knocked out cold for those loyal Sony series gamers.

Though both gaming systems have upgraded their consoles with increasingly better versions over the last 13 years, the heavyweight champ, Sony, returned to the ring to claim its belt from Microsoft Corporation time and time again. Even with online web options, like YouTube and the new ability to utilize Skype by using the built-in game console webcam, the Microsoft corner could not bring home the win. Xbox thought it was bringing out the big guns when they released the Xbox One with facial recognition software. However, it was not enough to outshine the PS4 and all of its new technological advances.

Lastly, online gaming is huge to its consumers. Playstation has offered free online gaming and profiles for many years, while the Xbox required a Gold Membership. This Gold Membership could cost its gamers a minimum of $59.99 per year, which did not meet buyers’ desires for immediate play. An Xbox gamer had to leave their home and go to the local GameStop to purchase a Gold Membership, which was time consuming and inconvenient. Though Xbox finally upped the power of its punch and offered an online purchase option, it still cost gamers additional money to utilize the service. Microsoft did, however, win the battle of online purchasing, as Sony’s network was hacked and credit card info was taken and illegally used. As a result, the entire Sony Playstation network was unavailable for an extended period of time. This made Xbox’s paid membership temporarily more beneficial.

Xbox has a few tricks up its sleeve for its newest model Xbox One, like allowing older Xbox model game console’s games to be used on it. With the upcoming release of Windows 10 capability on Xbox One, making online streaming and gaming easier with less lag, there are high hopes for the underdog, Microsoft. The company also is in discussions about its newest Elite controller, which is the signature of Xbox. As a result of these changes, there has been an increase in popularity for Team Microsoft. Xbox has also conveniently dropped its sale price, finally meeting that need for its consumers.

Though the gaming forecast shows a definite fight in the future, gamers will not know if or when Xbox may bring home the belt. The uptick in sales may be due to Microsoft working to make changes to better suit its consumers needs by bulking up the Microsoft brand with future upgrades. It could be time that Xbox added some heavy weights to its regimen, given its recent boost in supporters. However, critics are not sure if this is enough for Microsoft Corporation to knock the reigning heavyweight champion out of the ring, and if so, will Sony be out cold?

By Crystle Zamagni

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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