N.Y. Yankees Scrub the Red Out of the Boston Red Sox

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Boston Red Sox

On Sunday, July 12, the Boston Red Sox lost to their long time rivals, the Yankees, and N.Y. scrubbed the red out with a 8-6 win. David Ortiz seemed to disappear out of the line up, and with no explanation from manager John Ferrel until after the game. Boston’s bullpen seems to be over worked, to say the least.

The Boston Red Sox only won one out of three games against the Yankees and there were several reasons why the Red Sox are not doing so well. Their designated hitter Ortiz seemed to disappear out of the line up on Sunday. After the game, Ferrel told reporters he was looked at by the team doctor and sent straight home with a respiratory infection. Some people are speculating that his absence is one of the reasons the team lost the game series with N.Y., but it is more likely their bullpen is the reason. If the Boston Red Sox do not get some work from their bullpen, then the rest of the season will not improve.

CBS Sports reported that the Boston Red Sox signed the right-handed Belisario from the Tampa Bay Rays. His ERA is over .510 in his last seven appearances, so he may not be the answer to Boston’s prayers. The Yankees new second baseman Rob Refsnyder, who is rumored not to be able to hit too well, had got his first home run in his début appearance in the ninth inning, when he hit one over the Green Monster. N.Y. goes into the All-Star break up by three and a half games in front of the Baltimore Orioles. The Rays, who also won Sunday, are keeping pace with the Yankees, and the Blue Jays lost so they are behind both teams. The sixth inning was all N.Y. with three RBI doubles from Alex Rodriguez, Chris Young, and Chase Headly, which the second two doubles were hit off the Green Monster. Belisario can possibly help the pitching out in the second half of the season.

Boston Red SoxThe Boston Red Sox got the red scrubbed out of them by the N.Y. Yankees in two out of three games. Refsnyder, who may have made an error costing a run, but it was his home run that made the difference in the game, so one cannot be too hard on the new guy. The starting pitcher for N.Y. started out rough giving up three runs in the third inning on six hits, but he shook it off and struck out the next eight batters. Boston got most of their runs from a shaky pitcher. If they want to have hope of salvaging the second half of their season then they should look to the pitching staff. This year the Yankees have beaten the Red Sox at home in the last five series. Clay Buchholz left Friday’s game with a strained muscle in his right arm, which is another blow for the pitching staff.

The Boston Red Sox are six and a half games in back of N.Y., which has not had a lead such as this since 2012 when the lost the World Series to the Detroit Tigers. If the Yankees keep up at their pace they are expected to win 88 games on the season. Boston would have to win 46 of the remainder of their games to keep up with them. Boston says they just have to start winning, and that is the answer. Well, that is the obvious answer, but what the Red Sox have to do is to figure out how to win, and especially when not much has worked well for them so far this season.

So far this month, the Boston Red Sox have gotten the red scrubbed out of them by N.Y. and Toronto. If they do not want to be embarrassed like they were against the Blue Jays, then they have to straighten out their bullpen.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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