Netflix: New Streaming Options Available for Viewing in July 2015

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Netflix turns up the summer heat as it continues to provide subscribers with an extensive collection of new streaming options available for viewing in July 2015. Summer is here and the streaming media service must up its game by providing viewers with a wide variety of entertainment options that include Netflix original programming and content, new movie and TV show releases, as well as classic movies to keep subscribers invested and interested during the warm weather months. Here are some of the new streaming options available for viewing on Netflix in July 2015.

On July 1, new streaming options include the 1994 classic film, The Secret of Roan Inish, which features Jeni Courtney (Nothing Personal) as a 10-year-old Irish girl named Fiona with an unusual family history, which includes a missing baby brother. When she goes to live with her grandparents in Ireland, she hears extraordinary tales about her ancestors. When Fiona ends up on the small island of Roan Inish, she believes her little brother has been found alive and well. Additional viewing options available for streaming on the same day include the 1993 biopic, Alive, which is based on Piers Paul Read’s 1974 novel. The film starred Ethan Hawke (Boyhood), Josh Hamilton (TV’s Madam Secretary), and Vincent Spano (Oscar). The movie and novel recount the true story of an Uruguayan rugby team, who were involved in the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which crashed into the Andes mountains on Oct. 13, 1972. The harrowing tale involves the team’s two-month struggle to survive, which included starvation, cannibalism, and hypothermia.

Other titles also available for viewing on July 1 include the Warren Beatty (Bugsy) -Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball) political comedy Bulworth (1998), Bruce Willis (Die Hard franchise) 2005 crime drama Hostage, and a 2014 documentary called An Honest Liar, which chronicles the life of former escape artist, magician, and skeptical educator James Randi, who has investigated as well as publicly exposed con artists, psychics, and faith healers.


For TV lovers, new streaming options available for viewing on Netflix in July 2015 include the third season of BBC’s Death in Paradise, which features a major casting change following the murder of Detective Inspector (DI) Richard Poole (The Prince & Me‘s Ben Miller), who lead the series as demoted and exiled Scotland Yard cast-off reassigned to a tropical outpost. In the wake of Poole’s death, the Saint-Marie police force welcomes an accident-prone and lanky replacement in the form of DI Humphrey Goodman (Love Actually‘s Kris Marshall), whose British wit and impressive crime-solving skills surprise the grieving team, especially female counterpart Detective Sergeant (DS) Camille Bordey (Sara Martins). Season 3 of this title was made available for viewing on Netflix on July 1.

To mark the July 4th holiday, the most recent seasons of two more cable TV series will also be added to the Netflix library. These new Independence Day additions include Season 4 of AMC’s Hell on Wheels as well as the sixth and final season of White Collar, which aired on the USA cable network.

In terms of mid-month additions, Netflix is offering up the first season of Storage Wars: Texas, which is a spin-off of A&E’s very popular reality TV flagship series, Storage Wars. This title will be available for streaming on July 14. On July 15, The Physician (2014), which starred Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) and Tom Payne (TV’s Luck), will make its way to the streaming service’s library. The film is set in 11th Century Persia (modern-day Iran) and centers on an aspiring surgeon, who disguises himself as a Jew to study at a medical school that does not admit Christians. Meanwhile, on July 17, the documentary Tig (2015) will be added to the Netflix collection. This title offers an intimate look into the life and career of Los Angeles-based comedian Tig Notaro, who following her invasive Stage II breast cancer diagnosis created a poignant, life-altering stand-up set that made her an overnight sensation.


As Netflix turns up the summer heat, the streaming media giant has many new streaming options available for viewing in July 2015. Other new titles that will help round out the streaming service’s offerings for the month that welcomes the Fourth of July and fireworks include the film Teacher of the Year (2014) on July 23, The Guest (2014) on July 25, and 2014’s Comet on July 28. The Guest starred Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens as a maladjusted assassin. While Comet starred Emmy Rossum (Shameless) and Justin Long (He’s Just Not That Into You) as a young couple who begin a 6-year relationship after meeting by chance during a meteor shower. With summer in full swing, Netflix will continue to up its game with a variety of new streaming options available for viewing in July 2015 to keep subscribers invested and entertained.

Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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