New York City’s Kennedy Airport Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Animals

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New York City’s Kennedy Airport is rolling out the red carpet for animals (so to speak) by building a luxury animal terminal. The new terminal will be able to accommodate more than 70,000 animals every year, whether they are coming in or going out. The terminal, named “The ARK” and inspired by Noah’s biblical boat, is being deemed comparable to human terminals. Animals will have modern luxuries, such as flat screen TVs, climate-controlled stalls, showers, fancy hotel suites, and even special areas for mating privacy. New York

New York City‘s ARK will be the first animal air terminal, according to The Associated Press, and will open next year, sources say. The total cost to build The ARK is $48 million, and the terminal will be 178,000 square feet. The ARK will not be selective about which animals it takes in; all animals imaginable will be welcome. The goal is to make the animals have as comfortable of a stay as possible. The project is even being compared to a spa in that it will offer every level of comfort possible. The red carpet is definitely being rolled out for animals at New York City’s Kennedy Airport.

Dogs specifically will be offered a resort that is run by Paradise 4 Paws which will contain splashing pools that are shaped like paws, manicures/pedicures called “pawdicures,” and massage therapy. Webcams will also be set up so that pet owners can check up on their pets. There will be onsite trees for cats to climb and a clinic that is open 24 hours a day for all animals. Those in charge met with veterinarians and consultants to learn how to design a positive environment for animals where their stress level would minimized.

New York City’s Kennedy Airport is rolling out the red carpet for animals with this venture and attempting to make traveling for animals as relaxing as possible. Animals will be in the lap of luxury, according to The AP, and their stay will be as comfortable as possible. The terminal will accommodate all different types of animals of all different sizes from all over the United States. New York

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AP: NYC’s Kennedy airport building luxury animal terminal

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