Robbie Amell Launches Campaign to Support Camp Hometown Heroes


Robbie Amell is the latest CW star to launch a t-shirt campaign to raise money for a charitable organization, with his support going to Camp Hometown Heroes. On July 15, a video was posted to Facebook with both Robbie and Stephen Amell launching the fundraiser from Vancouver, where the actor was filming The Flash. The cousins announced the new fundraiser, which is the first one for the actor, who actually went to Stephen for some help in kicking off the campaign. Stephen even showed off the shirt for the camera, which has the name of the charity and Amell with six children from the camp (the names of the children on the shirt are included in the launch post on Facebook).

During the launch video for the campaign, Amell asks his (and Stephen’s) followers that even if they cannot purchase a shirt, they at least check out the organization to see what it is and what they do. Amell is not the only person to offer up their support for this charity. In fact, during the video on Facebook, the actor acknowledged that Aaron Rodgers was also working to help the organization. While Rodgers is also supporting the charity, Amell’s goal is to help get the word out and raise money at the same time. The original goal for the actor’s campaign was 500 shirts (or bags), with the proceeds from the sales going to Camp Hometown Heroes.

Camp Hometown Heroes is an organization which is a free week-long camp for the children and siblings of fallen United States service members. The camp is held during the summer and is an overnight for these children to attend. These children get the chance to speak openly about their experiences, as well as their feelings. At the camp there are also pediatric grief specialists on hand in order to offer their support. The camp offers music and art therapy programs and even optional group discussion sessions.

The children who attend the summer camp are given the chance to take part in a number of the standard camp experiences. There is dancing, swimming, archery, drama, arts and crafts, fishing, climbing and even canoeing. One of the goals for raising money for the charity is to try to add a second week to the camp for these children to attend.

On July 18, Amell once more posted a video about his campaign launch to support Camp Hometown Heroes. This time the video was a way to thank his supporters for making the fundraiser such a success in a short period of time. The video posted reminds the actor’s Facebook followers that the campaign still has until July 30, 2015.

The actor showcased the shirt which is currently available on the Represent site. Amell took the time in his second video to thank his cousin and his followers for all of their support and help, while also pointing out his friend, Nick, who did the graphic design for the shirt.

As an added bonus for people who purchase one of the t-shirts for the campaign to support Camp Hometown Heroes, there will be three t-shirts signed by both of the Amell’s given away to a purchaser at random. For anyone interested in helping to raise money for this organization, the shirts (and one bag) can be found at Represent.

By Kimberley Spinney


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Photo Courtesy of Diyah Pera and The CW

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