‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’: Kate Hudson and Grylls in Italy

Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Running Wild With Bear Grylls returned for its second season tonight, Monday, July 13, with Grylls taking actress Kate Hudson on the adventure of her lifetime to Italy, where they will practice survival skills in the Dolomite Mountains and hike along snow-covered rock cliffs along the border of Austria. Along the way on Hudson’s two-day-long adventure, she and Grylls will make historic discoveries and Hudson will find herself pushed to her limits.

The second season premiere of Running Wild With Bear Grylls started off with Hudson meeting Grylls in a gondola in Italy. she had a backpack strapped on, and waited for Grylls to make his grand entrance.

Grylls flew in on a chopper. Hudson had told him she did not want anything to do with choppers, but did Grylls listen? Hmmm….no, not so much.

The gondola stopped, stranding Hudson. Then, the helicopter that Grylls was in came closer to the gondola and Grylls jumped out, on top of it. He entered from the roof and Hudson told him “I have two children, so you better have my back, Grylls!”

She was tied to a rope and pulley system by Grylls, who then lowered Hudson down. She said “That was pretty scary! It was scary and fun!”

Running wild With Bear Grylls

Grylls came down next on Running With Bear Grylls, and he told her “we have about 14 miles to go.” They will be going 6,000 ft. up before they eventually travel downwards towards their extraction point.

Hudson told Grylls about her past, and she said “I think I have a little bit of a Tomboy in me.” She admitted to the camera that “I think Bear is kind of freaking me out a little bit.”

Grylls and Hudson climbed higher and higher. He free-climbed up some blocks of rock and then he said he would pull Hudson up “on a nice, tight line.”

Hudson was worried, but she said “I have to trust Bear.” She really did not have much other choice. She looked down and realized how high up she really was — which was pretty darn high — then, Running With Bear Grylls went to a commercial break.

Back from the break on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Grylls gave Hudson instructions from a higher vantage point. She was leery, but she made it up to where he was, and he said “Well done!” Then, he started up a fire and prepared some hot chocolate and gave Hudson some walnuts.

He asked her what it was like “being the Queen of RomComs.” She replied that she really has been in more roles than RomComs. Hudson related how she initially went on auditions and landed roles. Grylls told Hudson that one of his favorite movies of hers was Fool’s Gold.

On Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Grylls told Hudson that he had an idea. They would travel through tunnels and maybe cut off some of the distance that they had to travel. She said she did not like enclosed spaces like tunnels. They went into an old bunker from WWII.

Hudson said “I don’t want to do this! Oh, my God!” I’m going to throw up.” But, she did go into the bunker with Grylls. she said “I’m so scared! I didn’t expect this at all.”

“Oh, Bear — let’s not explore,” Hudson said. Grylls did not take “no” for an answer, though. He continued to lead her through the tunnels, though they sometimes would come to dead-ends and have to backtrack. Then, more commercials ensued on Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

Back from the break on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Grylls asked her “Left, right, or straight on?” She did not answer, so he told her, “Alright, then — straight on!”

Grylls saw a couple of pigeons in the bunker. He told her “That’s going to be dinner!” He said “I know you’re not going to believe this, but that’s dinner.”

Grylls told Hudson on Running With Bear Grylls to go running in and stir the pigeons up, and then he would come in and capture them. That is exactly what he did. Hudson said he “was insane.” They found their way out, and Grylls saw an old bullet from WWII he gave to Hudson.

Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Then, on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, he had the plan for them to tandem rappel straight down a snowy rock face. “I’m pretty sure this is going to work,” he told her. After the tried the rope’s strength, he said “Totally do-able.”

Grylls told her “We’re going to go together. I warn you, this is going to be messy.” Then, they went down the side of the mountain, as Running Wild With Bear Grylls headed to another commercial break.

When Running Wild With Bear Grylls came back on, Hudson and Grylls finished their rappel down the mountainside. But, Grylls told her there was still more climbing down to go. He lead her by the hand, and they came finally to a place about mid-mountain to set up camp for the night.

Grylls tied up a couple of ponchos to trees. He asked Hudson “How are your knots?” She replied, “Pretty good,” as she knitted. Grylls gathered up some pine branches, and kindling to start a fire.

Great news!” Grylls told her. He found a massive nest of wood ants. She said “I really do not want to eat ants.” Despite that, she tried one. Grylls told her they would eat the eggs of the ants, next; but, Hudson said she did not want to do that.

“Do you have a preference how you like your pigeons cooked?” Grylls asked her. She said she wanted it cooked on a stick, like a rotiseirre. He obliged.

On Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Grylls asked her how it was like being brought up by famous parents. She said “Kurt was not my real dad, but he brought me up from the age of three.” Grylls asked her “But, he’s like your real dad?” and she answered, “Oh, yeah — he’s the only dad I really knew.”

As the food cooked and they ate, she opened up more and more. She told him that the pigeon “was really good.” She said she was enjoying her experience.

Grylls jokingly asked her that night, “Did you just break wind? ’cause you really blew me away.”

In the morning, Hudson told Grylls “I need some ice. I need my morning ‘ice fix.'” Grylls got her snow, instead. She said it was for her puffy eye.

Then, she showed Grylls how to do some Kundalani yoga. He said that the day’s kind of wassting away, though. “Let’s pack up and get out of Dodge,” he said.

They came to a river with fast-moving rapids. Trust me, it’s all right,” Grylls told her.

Hudson made it down to the rapids. Grylls told her that one place she was one was all ice, and a good kick would have dislodged it. “I wasn’t going to tell you that,” he said.

They came closer to where their extraction point was, but Grylls told her they had to go down an almost vertical cliff. He dropped a limb off, and it crashed at the bottom. Hudson said she “did not like the sound of that.” Grylls told her he would rappel down first, and…Running Wild With Bear Grylls went to yet another commercial break.

Hudson said, when Running Wild With Bear Grylls came back on, that he would “get down in maybe five seconds, like in Mission: Impossible.” Grylls did get down to the bottom quickly, then Hudson rappelled down, swearing all the way.

At the bottom, she said “That was really fun! That was amazing! Things like this take you beyond your comfort zone. When you have someone you can trust, it’s everything.”

“Well done, Kate!” Grylls told her. He told the camera “She’s a fighter.”

They got to their extraction point and road off on ATVs. “Thank you for this beautiful journey,” Hudson told Grylls.

Running Wild With Bear Grylls with Kate Hudson was a great way to begin the second season of the series. Though Hudson is perhaps best known as the Queen of the RomComs, she showed that she has a definite spirit of adventure in her. Hudson toughed it out, and she pushed herself beyond what she had thought were her limits, on the adventure of her lifetime.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

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Running Wild With Bear Grylls

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