Shark Week 2015 Great White Horrifies Passengers of D.C. Metro

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Shark Week
On Sunday, July 5, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST Shark Week began. National Geographic’s Discovery Channel played six days of Sharkfest programming. Sharkfest is an up close and personal look at nature’s most scary and misunderstood predators. In Shark Week 2015, watch a great white horrify passengers on the D.C. Metro.

Learn what experts are saying about the causes of recent shark bites in North Carolina. See three Great Whites while they hunt elephant seals and see the top 10 videos that caught Great White’s. These are just three of the show plots that will be available during Shark Week.

Shark Week

There have been attacks and sightings of these animals all up and down the Atlantic Coast. Most recently a Great White shark horrified passengers on the Washington D.C. Metro for Shark Week 2015. It was just Chompie Jr. onto his next appearance to promote Sharkfest.

The person wearing the costume was promoting Shark Week for the Discovery Channel. There have been several sightings of Chompie Jr. the Great White. Chompie Jr. has been seen in many places that Great Whites are not normally found. He has been spotted in a toy store, a bookstore, and even a candy store, but he will soon head back to the sea as Sharkfest comes to a close.

Eli Roth has had a long-time passion for these wild and mysterious animals. This year, Shark After Dark was hosted by the actor, director, writer, and producer. Shark After Dark is a late night talk show that recounted the programs of the day. Roth had a vision for Shark After Dark, in its third year, was designed to be educational and fun, and the guests certainly reflect that goal. Paul Clerkin and Craig O’Connell, shark scientists made an appearance on the show, also scheduled to appear on the show were director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob) and special effects make-up specialist Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead, Inglorious Basterds).

Shark Week

Roth, who is best known for horror films such as Hostel and Cabin Fever has had to spend some time underwater for his new role. Roth has been diving many times, but he had not seen a shark up close. He went diving with his wife, Lorenzo Izzo (The Green Inferno and Knock Knock) in the Bahamas during Shark Week, specifically to see sharks. They were successful and Roth loved every minute of his time with the sharks. Roth said he was not scared, just excited to share the water with them. He said he wanted to reach out and touch the sharks, which he thought might not be a smart idea. However, he realized that sharks are just fish and they treated him just like some other thing in the ocean.

Roth is in-line to direct the Warner Bros. action thriller, Meg. Meg witnesses a Megalodon, an enormous prehistoric shark. The Megalodon resurfaces and terrorizes everyone in its path. This is the reason for Roth spending time in the water diving for this role.

Roth says that Meg is a movie that he plans to have fun with, since he is also directing, he says that people are going to be eaten, and added that he wants it to be like Jurassic Park. Roth also wants to show real-life environmental issues in the movie, which will include the widespread brutal slaughtering of sharks to make shark fin soup and other consumer goods.

Roth recommends Tiburones: The Sharks of Cuba, Monster Mako, and Return of the Great White Serial Killer. Roth hopes to return as host again, even if the great white shark does not return to horrify the D.C. Metro passengers after Shark Week 2015.

By Jeanette Smith
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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