South Africa ANC Is the Hope of the Hopeless

South Africa

The African National Congress (ANC) ruling party of South Africa is the hope of the hopeless or is this party determined on keeping people oppressed? It is time to wipe the slate clean and disinfect all the stench from the fattened ANC government by replacing the ruling party with a refreshing new government that focuses on governance and accountability. The name of the new party is not of primary concern; it is the act of cleaning out the scourge that has become significantly more critical to the future security of the country.

Do Africans enjoy being slaves to drugs, alcohol, and poverty? The physical chains were removed when the ANC become the first democratic government of South Africa, but the mental chains still keep people oppressed. The Africans are still enslaved in a hopeless situation.

Over the weekend at the Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg, while spectators gathered to watch a rugby game, the police beat a black man for attempting to enter the stadium. The four officers were identified as an Indian, colored and two black men. Were the officers racist? Another incident occurred during the game that was clearly racist when white people did not feel comfortable with blacks being seated close by. In these examples, the racial division between the different cultures openly express a desire to stay apart; this a desperate situation that calls for immediate action and unity among the people.

The freedom given to the majority when the ANC came into power was not voluntarily given. The ANC, the oppressor, keeps the hopelessness alive by keeping South Africa in an oppressed (or repressed) state. Will the act of a rebellion change the system? The greed, manipulation, and extreme poverty escalates while the elite continues to benefit. South Africans deserve better – a new government committed to governing with accountability will help unchain the mental enslavement.

The ANC government fought the apartheid system to give the people their freedom. The years of struggle to achieve a free society appear to have not been fully realized yet.  The ANC continues to keep people oppressed, and brainwashed into believing South Africa is a democratic country. After 21 years, South Africa still has townships, a reminder of the old apartheid system, where people are forced to live in undesirable and unhygienic conditions. The ANC government has apparently ignored the plight of the poor by keeping the majority uneducated and plagued with poverty, all while boasting about the transformation that is occurring. What transformation?

During elections in South Africa, the ANC will spend millions on food parcels to give to the poor coupled with empty promises. The poor oppressed people are the support base for the ANC which is focused on the elite while keeping these people brainwashed and uneducated. The humble attitude of the poor has only one thought, and that is how the leaders of the ANC left the country, families and friends to live in a foreign land and fight for freedom. There is no other liberating action the oppressed people know, and the ANC has craftily kept the people chained in mental enslavement.

The lies and deceit spread by the ANC are placing the black man deeper into debt, poverty, and helplessness. All are occurring under a pretense of empowerment. South Africa will be crippled and weakened in a few years if something does not change now. The ANC, the liberating party, abandoned the majority years ago. It is time for the people to shake off the shackles of helplessness and demand the right to live a life without oppression.

The future of the younger generation is at stake, and if the ANC government continues to control and manipulate the poor, there will be no bright future in a democratic country. Swift action and demand for accountability must be the order of the day, the people who placed the ANC into power have every right to live a life free from bonds of poverty.The years of struggle against apartheid should not be in vain. The people have earned the right for a government that holds the suffering people’s interests sacred. A government that works incessantly to address the deteriorating standard of living for the growing numbers of impoverished people in South Africa, the land of the still oppressed.

Opinion by Menzi Solomon Shange and Laura Oneale


News 24 – South Africa not a failed State

Photo Courtesy of Rob Flickr Page – Public Domain License

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