‘The Donald’ Trump Is ‘Wrong’ Tweets Murdoch


Rupert Murdoch tweeted Sunday, July 12, that “The Donald” Trump is “wrong” about Mexican immigrants. Murdoch also reported facts on who is actually committing more crimes. The Donald started his campaign with stops in Phoenix and Las Vegas on Saturday, July 11, 2015.

Trump officially started his campaign in Phoenix, Ariz. by outlining his anti-immigration plan. A reported 5,000 people welcomed the real estate mogul. Hundreds, who were unable to get inside the center, started lining up before dawn, in triple-digit temperatures, to listen to what The Donald had to say. He began full force with his pretentious, anti-immigration plan, which targets the border of Mexico. He added, “These people don’t belong in our country, they are undocumented immigrants.” He outlined his strategy for better control at the border, which would entail charging Mexico $100,000 for every illegal immigrant who comes across the U.S. border, stating, “Oh, I’ll make them pay.”

The billionaire also talked about how he keeps his confidence level up, comparing it to his past years of dating. He explained that he was dumped often, and he dealt with it by telling himself that he was the one who did the dumping. Trump also explained that he would have a very high confidence level when dealing with terrorist groups such as ISIS. He stated that he would “take them out so fast” and that this would not be a choice, but something the country has to do. He ended his speech by taking a shot at Jeb Bush, warning the crowd that Bush would be trouble for the country as president, and accusing the senator of being too soft on illegal immigrants.

TrumpMurdoch tweeted on Sunday that Trump is “wrong,” adding that according to Justice Quarterly, all immigrants, including Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal, have a much lower crime rate than natural-born American citizens. He also added that second-generation immigrants are the only ones with a crime rate as high as American citizens, citing El Paso as one of the most secure cities in which to live. The media mogul also said that Trump was just trying to generate controversy with his remarks that the U.S. has let criminals from other countries find refuge in America.

According to Salon, Murdoch believes most people will accept as fact that Trump’s comments (about illegal Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists) are politically incorrect, when in fact, they are just incorrect. The real estate mogul does not have enough substance to generate attention to his issues, so he must stir up controversy to get the attention he craves. It is a political ploy to get the ear of the voter. The reason the crime rate of second-generation immigrants matches that of natural-born American citizens is simply that “they catch up,” so it seems the issue of solving the crime rate should be on cleaning it up within this country. Murdoch made a good point when he tweeted Trump is “wrong.” It is good for U.S. citizens to know they are not in greater danger because of immigration, with the exception of terrorists who travel to the country simply to do harm to Americans.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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