Thanks to Taylor Swift GoFundMe’s Fundraising Policy Has Changed [Video]

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GoFundMe is an online fundraising company which allows people to receive and give donations. In the past, a person was only allowed to donate a maximum of $15,000. Thanks to Swift, GoFundMe’s fundraising policy has changed when she tried to donate $50,000 to a fan named Naomi suffering from cancer.

Swift, however, donated the amount in three transactions of $15,000, with an additional $5,000, to the “Naomi Fight Against Cancer” campaign. The donation site announced their policy change on Thursday, July 9. It also gave the pop star credit for her generous gesture.

GoFundMe is a San Diego-based fundraising site launched in May 2010. It is currently the world’s number one site in raising money for life events and personal causes. Thousands of people have been able to raise money for causes which are most important to them by using the site. There are 13 million donors, including Swift, who have donated an average of $1.3 billion dollars to many people and startup organizations.

Rob Solomon, CEO of GoFundMe, stated, “The donation Swift gave was so generous it required the donation site to increase the platforms limit.”Thanks to Swift, GoFundMe’s fundraising policy has changed to reflect a limit of $50,000. Solomon also said, “What Swift has done for Naomi and many others can encourage the next generation of giving.” Swift’s impact on GoFundMe fundraising policy will only affect a small amount of donors who are rich.

It is believed a moral lesson could be learned from the pop star’s gesture. TechCrunch stated, “Startups should not limit themselves as GoFundMe once did since it is not practical to know who is watching. Having limits can stunt the growth of a company, as well as an individual before greatness can happen. Newcomers might think, ‘nobody will invest this much, so it is safe to stay in this budget or have this limit.’ However, Swift has changed that rule and if a company is successful limits should not be set.”

Swift has been making huge impacts on companies recently, and she is said to be known as the highest single donor for GoFundMe. This was not the songstress’ first time using the donation site. In fact, she used it when she donated $15,000 to a firefighter who saved his wife and son. The songstress is well-known for her generosity, has paid off student loans for fans, and once gave a fan $90 as she was strolling through Central Park to go to Chipotle. She is always giving her fans gifts – usually handmade – and she once invited a group to her apartment to hear her 1989 album.

Naomi is an 11-year-old fan of Swift. She was diagnosed in June 2015 with severe myeloid leukemia after doctors found bruises on her torso and legs. During her treatment, Naomi chose Swift’s song, Bad Blood, as her cancer-fighting song. Sadly, she is not allowed to leave the hospital for six to nine months because her cancer is aggressive, and the hospital stay prevents her from attending Swift’s concert in August. Her family set up a hashtag on Instagram, #Teamnaomi, hoping Swift would notice her. Once Swift found the hashtags, she donated the $50,000 and left the 11-year-old a message which stated, “To the brave and beautiful Naomi, sorry you are not able to see the concert, but there will always be more concerts. Let us focus on getting you better. The biggest hugs are being sent to you and your family.”

Once Naomi’s family received Swift’s message, they made a YouTube video which revealed Naomi’s reaction to Swift’s donation and message. Swift’s generous action has made an impact on the life of another one of her fans and on the fundraising company. People no longer have to limit their donations. Thanks to Taylor Swift, GoFundMe fundraising policy has changed.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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