Tonight Show: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Play ‘True Confessions’ [Video]

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This Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon had on some very special guests on the Tonight Show, NBA basketball star LeBron James and comediennes and actresses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Also, Fallon played a game of Faceketball with James later in the show. The musical guest of the night was the group, OMI.

Fallon began the Tonight Show by welcoming his audience after he got a standing ovation. Then, he did his monologue, joking about topics like Iran reaching a deal with the United States, in which they will send most of their enriched uranium to Russia…perhaps not the best place for it to go….

Then, Fallon said that Obama announced he was going to commute the sentences of 48 non-violent prisoners. They said “Thanks, but we already escaped.”

“This is everywhere — Donald Trump recently addressed El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, who escaped from a Mexican prison,” Fallon mentioned.

“This is a weird story. In East Germany, police are trying to find the owner of a plastic bag filled with $200,000 after it fell from a tree. Greece said ‘Can we get 2 million of those trees?'”

Fallon said that tomorrow night on the Tonight Show, Amy Schumer would be on, and Bill Hader and Ryan Seacrest will be guests this week. Then, Fallon said “The King, LeBron James, will be on the show. Also, tonight two of the other greatest basketball players on the planet will be on, with a trailer from their upcoming comedy, Sisters. OMI will be the musical guest, singing Cheerleader, the song of the sumemr.”

Then, Fallon looked at the “Pros & Cons of Going to a Donald Trump Campaign Rally.” What follows are a few of the Pros & Cons Fallon mentioned. “Pro: Watching him fire up the crowd. Con: By saying, ‘You’re fired; up’ Pro: He puts the ‘US’ back in USA. Con: He takes the ‘h’ out of ‘huge.’ Pro: He wants to deport immigrants for entering the U.S. illegally. Con: He would deport Ariana Grande for licking a donut.” Imitating Trump, Fallon said, “Lick the donut, it’s cute.” Then, Fallon ended the Pros & Cons comedy segment this week with “Pro: He’s neck-and-neck with Jeb Bush. Con: He’s hair-to-hair with a bike helmet.”

Fallon introduced his first guest after a commercial break on the Tonight Show, LeBron James. James acts opposite Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in the upcoming flick, Train Wreck. “Congratulations on going back to Cleveland,” Fallon said.

“Yeah, they went nuts, and I went with them,” he told Fallon. He said that he had felt “like he was in a funk” after the NBA Finals, but he had his kids to go back home to — who messed with him about not doing well in the NBA Finals. Fallon showed a photo of James in the back of what looked like a yellow banana-shaped boat or kayak. James said “that must be Photo-Shopped.’

James talked about the movie, Train Wreck, and then Fallon showed a clip of Train Wreck. James kept talking in the clip about how great Cleveland was, and how it was “just like Miami.”

Tonight Show

On the Tonight Show, James then presented Fallon with a pair of size 12 red LeBron James basketball shoes. Fallon told James to put a headband on, with a basket on it, and he put on on, as well, and — they faced off in a game of Faceketball.

LeBron sat down, and shot first. He missed, Fallon missed, but Fallon scored the first point. Eventually, LeBron scored, also, then Fallon scored again.

After that, Fallon dunked on James, and James returned the favor, dunking on him. It was a crazy but fun-looking game. The Tonight Show went to another break.

Tonight Show

Following more commercials, the Tonight Show came back on and Fallon introduced his second guests of the show, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and he played the game “True Confessions,” with them both. Later, they talked about Sisters, the flick that they will be in together, which will be out on December 18th.

Fallon explained the game to them. There would be two statements in envelopes, one of which was the truth, and one was a lie. They had to guess is it was true or a lie. Fey read out that she “had been mistaken for a prostitute in Monacco in 1992.”

Poehler said “I don’t picture you being in Monacco.” Fey said that she and her cousin were playing “Baccarat,” at a casino there.

Poehler said she thought “It was a lie.” Fallon said the same, but Fey said “It’s true.” She said “We were the youngest people there,” meaning herself and her blonde cousin. An older gentlemen asked to pay for their dinners, and they agreed. He had mistaken them for being prostitutes.

Then, on the Tonight Show, Fallon said “In college, my friend and I were robbed by a drug dealer with a sawed-off shotgun.” in reply to a question, he said his friend’s name was “Shaun.” Fallon said tha the was at the drug dealer’s hiouse not knowing that he was a drug dealer, but to just get a car ride.

Poehler said she thought it was true, and Fey said she would say “Fake,” but Fallon told them both “It was true.” He said that the guy pointed a shotgun at them, and told them both to get on the ground. The guy stole his friend’s car, so they could not even go to the mall.

Poehler said “I once helped Yoko Ono cross the street.” Tonight Show host Fallon said “I don’t know if Yoko Ono really needed any help crossing the street.”

Fey asked her “What street?’ Poehler came up with an answer. She said that the woman looked kind of “disoriented,” and she did not know who it was, until she came up to her and asked “Ma’am, are you all right?”

Fallon told her “It’s a lie,” as did Fey. Poehler said “Congratulations — it is a lie.” Then, the Tonight Show headed to more commercials.

When the Tonight Show came back, Fallon talked with Fey and Poehler about their upcoming movie, Sisters. Paula Pell wrote the script for the movie. Fey said that they decided to have, in the movie, one last major party at their parents’ house before they had to move out. Fallon then showed the world premiere of the trailer of Sisters. It was LOL hilarious! Fallon said that the entire trailer could be seen online.

Tonight Show

OMI then was introduced by Fallon. They performed their big summer hit, Cheerleader. The lead singer was dress up in a sharp-looking suit, and he was wearing shades as he sang. It sounded like a terrific song, and it has been heating up the Billboard charts lately.

The Tonight Show this Tuesday was uber-cool, as Fallon’s guests were all pretty remarkable. NBA star, LeBron James, talked with Fallon about the movie he is starring in, Train Wreck, and he gave Fallon a pair of basketball shoes made especially just for him. Then, they played a game of Faceketball. Fallon played another game, “True Confessions,” with two very funny comediennes and actresses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and they talked about their upcoming movie, Sisters. a video trailer from it is below — check it out!

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Sisters Trailer

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