‘The Finest Hours’ Presents Heroic Action in New Trailer [Video]

The Finest HoursDisney has released their first trailer for the new movie The Finest Hours, which presents the true story of the heroic actions of one of the most daring rescue missions attempted by the U.S. Coast Guard. The story is set in 1952 and has an all-star cast of actors which includes Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Casey Affleck and Ben Foster.

The Finest Hours is being called both a drama and disaster movie in one. The film is based upon an actual rescue mission, and a book written in 2009 that chronicled the story.

The trailer opens up with couples walking at night in winter, talking about one of the women being afraid of the water, and questioning how she can possibly date a man who is a member of the Coast Guard. As the group seems to disperse, Pine makes the comment that, “we all get scared out there,” to which one woman says, that he is not afraid of the water and that it only scares her during the night, mostly because one is unable to see what is underneath. Pine’s character comes back with the answer, “just more water.”

As the scene unfolds however, it flashes to a large vessel out in the ocean struggling through a violent storm and radioing for help as things go from bad to worse on the ship. There is a fracture in the ship, stress is basically tearing the vessel apart and it appears as if there is no chance for survival under these conditions.

The music, the darkness of night and the overall feel of the trailer, leave the viewer with a sense of doom and also expectation. There is something chilling about the opening of The Finest Hours trailer, especially after the discussion of fearing what is below the surface of the water.

As The Finest Hours trailer continues, the heroic action of the Coast Guard is presented as the men embark on a mission that seems guaranteed for failure. The biggest storm to ever hit the coast is coming and yet these men are going out to risk their lives, in an effort to save the men out there on the open sea, in a vessel that is losing its battle with the elements. All of this is happening, as a romance is blossoming and the strength of each person’s character is put to the test.

With text such as “there are moments that change our lives” and “there are times that test our limits” viewers who watched The Finest Hours new trailer, can clearly see that this film is set to present heroic action in the face of adversity. The trailer itself is just over two and a half minutes of drama and intensity, that leaves the viewer feeling as if this is a movie that must be watched and a story that must be told. Although the movie is not set to release until January 29, 2016, audiences are not only getting a sneak peek early, but they can also find out more about the original rescue that inspired the film.

Opinion by Kimberley Spinney


The Finest Hours Trailer

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