‘Lip Sync Battle’ Returns With Alison Brie vs. Will Arnett Showdown

Lip Sync Battle

On Thursday, July 9, Spike TV’s hit series Lip Sync Battle returned, continuing the second half of its first season with a showdown pitting actress Alison Brie against actor and comedian, Will Arnett. Alison Brie was one of the stars of both Mad Men and Community, and Will Arnett might be best known for his role in Arrested Development as George Oscar Bluth II, or, G.O.B., but they both contributed their vocal talents to The Lego Movie.

Lip Sync Battle began with LL Cool J pumping up the audience by telling them to “put their hands up in the air!” Then, he introduced his co-host and the show’s “color commentator,” Chrissy Teigen. LL Cool J explained the few scant rules, saying that Round One is “just lips,” but in Round Two, the celebs can use props, costumes, and back-up dancers.

LL Cool J introduced Alison Brie and Will Arnett. Arnett played Batman and Bruce Wayne in The Lego Movie, while Brie played Unikitty, part unicorn and part kitty.

Arnett was wearing a blueish-purple track suit. He said he “was on a quest to find out who let the dogs out.” He then lip synced to Who Let the Dogs Out. He had the studio audience claping along, and he gave an AMAZING performance of this now iconic song.

LL Cool J asked him what it takes to do a great job lip syncing. Arnett said “Obviously, you have to be a great dancer. I have the movements of a gazelle.”

Brie lip synced to the Salt-N-Pepa song, Shoop. She showed she definitely had some sexy dance moves and the audience clapped along and cheered as she lip synced the tune. Teigen looked like she was really getting into the performance. The audience applauded wildly as she finished.

She told LL Cool J that she liked the song Shoop because she “loved looking at men’s bodies and describing them.” LL Cool J said “That’s funny, right there.”

After a commercial break on Lip Sync Battle, it was time for Round Two. Arnett joked “You know, there was a time when lip syncing was my life.” He told Brie that the “ate a bowl of Confidence for lunch.”

Lip Sync Battle

Arnett came out dressed up like a construction worker, and he began singing Everything Is Awesome, from The Lego Movie, he even pulled Brie from her seat and danced over to where a poster of her was. It had a vertical line through it, indicating a No Brie Zone, apparently.

“I think that was the final brick in her coffin,” Arnett said. “Not her real coffin, but her coffin in a fun way.” he added.

Teigen said that she “loved” Arnett’s performance. After she commented on how he did, Lip Sync Battle went to yet another commercial break.

Following the break, upon Lip Sync Battle‘s return, it was time for Brie to see if she could do even better with her second song. Brie said she wanted to “add her Alison Brie finese,” to her performance. She then saw the host and complimented LL Cool J, saying “You look great, as usual.” She seemed to be taken aback when LL Cool J said that “the audience decides the winner.”

Lip Sync Battle

The song that Brie lip synced to was Bang Bang. She came out onto the stage dressed up like a gangster in a striped suit. Later in the song, she had the back-up dancers yank the velcroed suit off of her and she wore a more revealing outfit underneath. She acted like she was using a machine gun and shot up a poster of Arnett.

“Alison just drilled you full of holes!” LL Cool J said. “Any last words?”

Arnett said “I’m so confused — I’m going straight to therapy from here.”

Brie told him “You’re welcome!”

Teigen told her she did great with the Nicki Minaj part of the song, and then she added “you went all Suge Knight crazy.”

More commercials ensued on Lip Sync Battle, and then, it came time to have the audience decide who was the ultimate winner. LL Cool J said “Is the champ Will Arnett…or is the champ Alison Brie?” Some members of the audience “booed” after LL Cool J said “Will Arnett.”

Brie was declared the winner if Lip Sync Battle and she was given the belt. Brie ribbed Arnett, saying “If Will had not sucked so badly, if he was not so spectacularly under prepared, he might have won.” She then admitted that Arnett was actually “awesome.” Arnett, for his part, said if he had been allowed to vote, he would also have voted for Brie.

Lip Sync Battle returned with a great episode, featuring a lip sync showdown between Alison Brie and Will Arnett. Arnett did a great job with the two songs he lip synced to, Who Let the Dogs Out and Everything Is Awesome, but Brie ended up winning, with her lip sync performances of Shoop and Bang Bang.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Lip Sync Battle

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