Tyga’s Alleged Transgender Cheating Scandal: Will Kylie Jenner Dump Him?


Kylie Jenner is most certainly not happy to learn about new claims made against her boyfriend Tyga, who is believed to have hooked up with a transgender model behind the socialite’s back. A woman named Mia Isabella is alleging that she had an ongoing relationship with the rapper, who would secretly meet up with her without anybody else knowing.

Of course, she had dozens of photos to back up her claims. Isabella shared multiple screenshots that were supposedly sent to her phone from Tyga, in which the YMCMB rapper talks about missing the love of his life, proclaiming that he needed to see her right after he returns from vacation. The texts are extremely provocative — some even see Tyga send nude photos of himself to the model, who supposedly leaked the pics to Love B. Scott following a supposed breakup with the 25-year-old.

It is unclear when Tyga’s romance with Isabella first kicked off, but seeing that the screenshots and photos are only making their way on to the internet now, many are assuming that they are relatively new. Definitely stemming from a point in time after he decided to get together with his underage 17-year-old girlfriend. One can only imagine how she would react in having to find out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with a transgendered woman.

There is no denying that the Jenner/Kardashian empire have done wonders for Tyga, who landed his very own reality show following the revelation of his romance to the TV-personality. He has also gained connections with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Jay-Z, among many other top celebrities that know how to market their friends exceptionally well. 34-year-old Kardashian seems to like her sister’s boyfriend enough to share his latest project The Gold Album on her social media platforms while West is said to have produced many of the tracks listed on the record.

While the 25-year-old has denied having sent the photos to a transgendered woman, the rapper does admit that the nude photos are legit. Jenner has not responded to the comments made against her boyfriend following reports she is now living with the Cash Money-signed artist in their Calabasas mansion. Jenner, who turns 18 next month, will most likely not comment on the situation knowing that she will be heavily criticised for wanting to date such an elderly man in the first place — furthermore, Tyga could be imprisoned for dating an underage girl. In this particular case, Jenner could get the perfect revenge if she wanted to.

If reports are true that he cheated on Jenner with a transgendered woman, the social media star could easily call the cops on her beau and send him to jail. Although, Tyga has enough money to bail him out and hire himself a good lawyer. Whatever the case, the Ayo rapper being linked to Isabella most certainly will not be a good look on him with the Kardashians, seeing that he may have betrayed their trust by hooking up with Jenner and cheating on her at the same given time.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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