‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Is Coming to Netflix With Its Original Actors

Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer
Fans of the classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer can rejoice because Netflix is bringing it back with more wild and hysterical scenes. On Friday, July 31, Netflix brings Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp along with its original actors back for a prequel.

The original Wet Hot American Summer came out in 2001. It was known as a hilarious teen movie with a cast full of legendary comedic actors and current stars that were barely breaking into Hollywood. In celebration, Netflix has come up with many snippets taken from the 2001 film.

Netflix is bringing back the actors from the original film in their new series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. The lengthy trailer introduces the actors and gives fans a teaser of what to expect when the first episode of the prequel premieres.

Original actors that are now big stars coming back for the eight-episode prequel are: Amy Poehler (Susie), Bradley Cooper (Ben), Paul Rudd (Andy), Zach Orth (J.J.), Molly Shannon (Gail), Joe Lo Truglio (Neil), David Hyde Pierce (Henry), Christopher Meloni (playing Gene), H. John Benjamin (voice of Archer playing Mitch), and Jeanne Garofalo (Beth).

Other actors that will be featured in the prequel are: Michael Cera playing himself, Elizabeth Banks (Lindsay), Michael Ian Black (McKinley),  Lake Bell (Donna), Josh Charles (Blake), M Judah Friedlander (Ron), Jon Hamm (playing Falcon), Ken Marino (Victor), A.D. Miles (Gary), Marguerite Moreau (Katie), Chris Pine ( Eric), Jordan Peele (playing Alan), Jason Schwartzman (Greg), Michael Schowalter (Alan), John Slattery (Claude), David Wain (Yaron), Kristen Wiig (Courtney), and Weird Al Yankovic (Jackie).Wet Hot American Summer

The trailer opens with Mitch giving the counselors of Firewood Camp a speech defining the rules of summer, which include banning sex. He is rudely interrupted by Andy motorcycle entrance and the comedic action takes over the rest. Susie and Ben welcome the teens to the camp and the remaining scenes are just as wild and crazy as the characters. Actors are wrestling, gyrating on each other, very flirtatious, and fighting with one another as they did in the film Wet Hot American Summer.

Many wondered how Netflix would be able to get all of the busy big shot actors back together to film the first season. For example, Cooper shot all of his scenes the last day of the production. When the season was being shot he was acting in The Elephant Man for Broadway’s revival. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp was being shot in Los Angeles, California, which prevented Cooper from making it to any of the scheduled shoots. However, producers did not let that stop them. They flew to New York and scheduled a one-day shoot with all of his acting partners on stand-by. The other two busy stars of the show, Poehler and Rudd, also had to make adjustments to their schedules to shoot their scenes for the show as well. Many times they shot all of their scenes alone in one day.

Co-writer Michael Showalter and Director David Wain plotted shooting the Wet Hot American Summer series out in advance to accommodate the schedules of the busy stars. The two have pulled out scenes from the film, so the actors were able to film their scenes in one day. Netflix bringing original actors back on the scene for the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp prequel is exciting for the fans of the film.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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