Wimbledon 2015 Celebrated Into the Night

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Wimbledon 2015

In London, although Wimbledon 2015 is officially over, the celebration of the event lasted through the night at the Champions’ Ball at the Guildhall. Novak Djokovic, who won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon 2015, stated he was going to ask Serena Williams to dance at the celebration.

The Wimbledon winners partied into the night London-style. Djokovic, who defeated Roger Federer in a fascinating men’s final on Sunday, put on a stunning black suit and hit the dance floor with Williams, who wore a dazzling, cream-colored, and jewel covered evening dress. USA Today reported that Williams looked like a princess, even though she is without a doubt the queen of tennis. The No. 1 ranked men’s champion had said he was going to ask the No. 1 ranked women’s champion to dance, and they did, in fact, dance, becoming the highlight of the Champions’ Ball. The men’s and women’s singles champions used to dance one dance together as a tradition at the ball, but in 1977, the ball was moved to a smaller location and the tradition was stopped. It was never a formal tradition again.

Williams and Djokovic will be playing at the U.S. Open on August 25, and the tournament will last until September 8. Williams will be trying for her 22nd Grand Slam title, as well as a calendar Grand Slam to match the accomplishment of Germany’s Steffi Graf. Only two women in history have achieved a calendar Grand Slam. Williams and Djokovic both cite Wimbledon as their favorite tournament in which to play, and both have said how amazing it is to play and win on center court. Djokovic is described by some fans as having great mental strength and confidence, especially when he needs it the most. Off the court, he is said to have a warm and friendly personality. Before winning the Wimbledon 2015 men’s singles title, the No. 1 men’s champion had been beaten by Stan Wawrinka in the French Open. He clearly made a quick recovery and defended his title in the Wimbledon 2015 rematch against the No. 2 ranked tennis pro.

In England, this tournament is more than a tennis match; it is the Grand Duchess of Grand Slams. Everyone who sits in the Royal Box must comply with the dress code, including Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, who was turned away when he showed up without a tie or jacket. Men who are invited into the Royal Box must wear a jacket, tie, and dress shoes. Hamilton was not aware of the strict dress code, and was not allowed entry. Broadcaster Gary Lineker tweeted that it was pompous of England to turn away Hamilton. Even so, the rules are very clear, and England is known to refuse to bend the rules of a dress code for anyone, especially at the Duchess of Tournaments. Wimbledon 2015 had the same dress code as past tournaments, in that the umpire, ball boys and girls, and the referees (judges) all were in uniform. The referees and the umpire all wore collared, long-sleeved, light blue shirts with a tie and white pants. Ball boys and girls were in dark blue tee shirts and shorts, with a matching baseball cap. The tennis players always wear white, clean, and pressed uniforms.

Wimbledon 2015 was celebrated into the night, but the night had to end, as it is time to start practicing for the U.S. Open in August. Djokovic will be going for his tenth major award, and Williams really wants a calendar Grand Slam to tie Graf for the most Grand Slam titles in women’s tennis.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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