Women’s World Cup 2015 U.S. Unbeaten in 7 and Incredible

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Women's World Cup 2015
The U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 team is unbeaten in the last seven games, and in Montreal, Quebec, they are calling the Americans incroyable (incredible). The U.S. wanted Germany, but had to get through China first, so they did just that by dominating the Chinese in every sense of the word. When they became the No. 1 ranked team, they continued their rampage on their journey to the finals. On Sunday, July 5, the No. 2-ranked U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 team will face Japan, which is the No. 4 ranked team.

It was only a few minutes into the half when Carli Lloyd scored the first and only goal, which led to a 1-0 win over the Chinese in the quarterfinal game. A pass from Julie Johnston, who was able to set up a clutch play for the player who is best known for clutch plays, made the goal possible. Lloyd scored the last two winning goals for her country. The Americans had to play without Lauren Holiday and Megan Rapinoe, who both received yellow cards during their win against Columbia, making them ineligible for the quarterfinal game. The U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 team worked together, and were determined to make up for the loss of two of their main players. In front of more than 24,000 fans, the U.S. dominated their opponent and went on to the semis to face Germany.

The U.S. surprised everyone, and has surpassed all expectations, making the semis as unexpected as they were incredible. No one expected the U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 team to play so hard and with such determination, and even though they were unbeaten when they faced the No. 1-ranked team, no one was saying they were incredible in any language. However, they are definitely saying it now, and are still in awe that the No. 2 team beat the No. 1 team in a shutout during a 2-0 victory.

The Americans looked as if they had nothing left coming into the semis, but they proved they were not going anywhere other than the final game. The U.S. Women’s World Cup 2015 team was once again led by Lloyd, who scored the first goal, with Kelly O’Hara putting her two cents in with an amazing goal of her own. Lloyd’s goal came after a penalty kick by Alex Morgan, who was pushed down onto her back by Annike Krahn. Lloyd calmly and patiently went to the ball, and continued her mission to win by drilling it past the German goalkeeper. Although Germany had a penalty kick only minutes before, they could not take advantage of the opportunity.

Jill Ellis, manager for the U.S. Women’s World Cup team 2015, said she was so proud of the team for playing with such courage and for working as hard as they did. They planned out their strategy by watching footage of how the No. 1 team played, and the players were able to execute the plan and perform well. “That’s the key,” said Ellis.

On Sunday, July 5, The U.S. Women’s World Cup team 2015 will go for an eighth straight win, and hope to bring home the big trophy in another incredible win. The Americans have played hard, and do not appear to have run out of steam yet. Japan was extremely lucky to slide into the final round due to England’s mistake, which gave the game to the Japanese. They are going to need more than luck to get past the Americans, who are focused on winning it all.

Commentary by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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Photo Courtesy of Andrea Williams’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License