Boston Red Sox Pitcher Saves Team Dignity

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Boston Red Sox

After Friday’s embarrassing loss to the Jays, the Boston Red Sox recovered some of their lost dignity, thanks to the work of pitcher Clay Buchholz. Toronto had wiped the floor with the Sox, so they had to pull themselves together on Saturday to salvage their self-respect.

Clay Buchholz, who was the winning pitcher for Boston, said after the game that he had been able to make every pitch work for him. He pitched a shutout up until there were two outs in the ninth inning, which is when Houston got on the board. The Boston Red Sox bullpen has been overworked, so Buchholz needed to go the distance, and that is just what he did, keeping the Astros at only one run. He knew what was expected of him, and he was able to perform accordingly.

He did what he had to do coming into the game, and stayed the course. Buchholz, who was able to put his pitches right where he wanted them, had eight strikeouts on the night, and he had no walks in two straight games. Yesterday’s game made eight in a row in which he did not allow a home run, which, against the Houston Astros, is not an easy task. Houston is the major league leader in home runs. Even though he is currently at 5-2 for wins and losses, and his ERA is 1.99, his career has reached new heights within the last month. Buchholz has heard himself being described as the teams “anchor,” and as an “ace,” but in the last several weeks, those terms have been used more frequently.

The Boston Red Sox pitcher has brought the dignity back to his team. His career is filled with accomplishments. In 2010, he earned the ERA crown, for which he was competing against the Cy Young winner, Felix Hernandez. Before he was injured in 2013, his record was at 12-1, and he had a 1.74 ERA. Boston’s manager told reporters that Buchholz looked as good as he had before he was injured, and that he is a guy who can go up to eight innings every time he takes the mound. He is a pitcher who can come up with the right pitch when he needs it. More than half of his strikeouts in yesterday’s game ended the inning. Buchholz’s career with the Boston Red Sox has been impressive so far.

Houston’s third baseman, Louis Valbuena, led off the ninth inning with a double. He was able to get to third on a sacrifice by one of his teammates. Buchholz then struck out Colby Rasmus and John Singleton in six pitches. He finished the side with his curveball.

Boston’s manager said his pitcher had complete control in his last 10 starts, and he executed his pitches perfectly with men on base. In yesterday’s game, that was evident as well. The Red Sox are known for their consistency in starting pitching, but Buchholz is better known for it then the rest of the pitchers.

The Boston Red Sox got scrubbed by the Toronto Blue Jays in their last series with the team. On Wednesday, July 1, Toronto beat Boston 11-2 in an embarrassing loss, which included a five-run first inning, and eight runs scored within the first three innings. Boston was unable to get on the scoreboard until the seventh inning. The Boston Red Sox made a good call to put Buchholz in as starting pitcher in Saturday’s game against the Astros, allowing them to regain some of their dignity.

Commentary by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License