Celebrities Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments on Stage

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Entertainment is full of seemingly perfect celebrities with their perfect bodies, perfect lives, and perfect performances. However, what happens when those perfect people have a real and authentic embarrassing moment on stage? There once was a time where a famous performer could fall or have a mishap and the only people to witness the trauma were those in the audience. Now, with the help of YouTube and camera phones, one slip up and over a million people are watching it over and over again. Here are fans top 5 most embarrassing moments celebrities have had on stage.

5 – John Legend

The R&B singer is known and loved for his melodic and soulful sound, his thought-provoking lyrics and his amazing pianist ability. Since his debut album, Get Lifted, premiered in 2004, the singer has had many Grammy wins, sold out concerts and millions of fans who love to love the legend. For a male singer such as Legend, forgetting the lyrics to a song can be quite embarrassing. However, what can be more embarrassing is an erect member of genitalia that the world can play, pause, and repeat with. In 2007, Legend was on tour for his sophomore album, Again. During a performance of his hit song Slow Dance, the singer invited a fan on stage to dance with him. What a surprise she must have had when she turned around and something was giving her a standing ovation in the celebrity’s white linen trousers. Thank goodness this was pre-marriage.

4 – Usher Raymond 

The 36-year-old heart-throb has sold millions of albums throughout his career. Starting out as a young teen with a banging body, Usher Raymond smoothed his way into the hearts of girls and women alike with his smooth tone and dynamic dance moves. Since letting fans know that “seven o’clock on the dot” is the perfect time for music, the performer has grown into quite the sex icon for many female fans. While in Seattle, WA, during his 2010 OMG Tour, the singer had worked into his performance a chance for a female fan to receive a very up close and personal lap dance. Unfortunately, Raymond was the recipient of a nice kick to the face as the fan tried to cross her legs around Raymond’s waist and bashed him on the side of his head with her heel. Yikes! They say love hurts, but surely that is not what they meant. In any case, Raymond comes in fourth for the top 5 most embarrassing stage moments had by celebrities.

3 – Beyoncé 

Among all the celebrities of the 21 century, there is truly no need for an introduction when it comes to Queen B and the Bey-ness of it all. Having been a teenage sensation with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé went on to have a super-stardom that has broken entertainment records all over the world. At the top of her game, Beyoncé is ahead of many celebrities who wish to share the entertainment limelight.  However, even the queen has her bad days and none could be worse than the fall heard (and seen) round the world when Beyoncé fell face first down a flight of stairs during an Orlando concert performance. Her heels apparently got stuck in a long trench coat that was part of a costumed performance for her hit song Ring The Alarm. If only that alarm were rung before the video went viral on YouTube. Sorry Bey, close but no cigar. Celebrities should really watch their trenches next time.

2 – Lenny Kravitz 

The sexiest of hipster celebrities is someone who everyone loves to love. Lenny Kravitz can swoon fans under the table with meaningful song or rock them out of the house with his blaring guitar skills. Kravitz is a man over 50 that most women still dream of. Famed ex-husband to actor Lisa Bonet, Kravitz has made his mark in music long before he got to 50 and fabulous. Known for his outlandish (almost bum-like) style, his affinity for being nude, and of course, his alleged bisexual nature, Kravitz is no stranger to rumors, viral videos, and fan talk gone crazy. During a performance in Sweden, the singer split his leather pants during an amazing guitar solo. Split pants…is that all? Well, it could have been had the singer been wearing underwear. The trouser split allowed for a fully limp Kravitz to come swinging out for all his fans to see. He finished his song, went backstage, and changed pants before returning to the stage. Kravitz did not seem to be embarrassed, albeit, according to pleasantly shocked fans, there was nothing to be red-faced about. Male celebrities and their packages; always rocking out with their co-stars out.

1 – Taylor Swift 

Of all the embarrassing moments on stage had by celebrities, Taylor swift makes number one for a moment that she herself did not even contribute to. There is not one single music fan that does not remember the horrific moment during the 2009 VMA‘s, in which, upon accepting an award for Best Female Video, Kanye West jumped on stage and interrupted the Country/Pop singer’s acceptance speech. How humiliating it must have been for Swift, as a new artist, to have her moment of recognition stolen by a loud-mouthed, upset, immature rapper who was riding Beyoncé’s package harder than her husband. Beyoncé later gave Swift her time to shine as she called her back on stage when she herself won the Video of the Year award. Although West has since apologized, the memory of a “deer-in-head-lights” Swift watching an aggressive black man charge toward her on stage is simply a priceless moment in music history.

The top 5 embarrassing moments had on stage by celebrities is not an easy list to come by. However, when reviewing all of the funny mishaps and viral videos, there are those particular moments that simply stand out. These moments in entertainment only prove that the picture perfect personas that fans so readily attach themselves to are, in fact, just regular human beings. Albeit, rich and famous human beings, but human beings none the less. With Androids and iPhones at the ready, YouTube and all of social media land is sure to capture more celebrities having more embarrassing moments both on and off the stage. May the odds be ever in their favor.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye


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