Chicago Police Memorial Foundation Honors Three Fallen

Officers Zaccard, Stine and Lynch enshrined on Gold Star Families Memorial and Park’s memorial wall

A solemn ceremony attended by family members of the fallen officers, Superintendent Garry McCarthy, First Deputy Al Wysinger, Chicago Police Command Staff and supporters of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. Today, the names of Chicago police officers Laubet Zaccard, Charles Stine and John Lynch (information on each officer is below) will be displayed for the first
time on the memorial wall at the Chicago Police Memorial on Chicago’s lakefront.

Their names will join an honor roll of 571 other Chicago police heroes who were killed or died while serving their city.

The additions come as the result of research conducted by Chicago Police Memorial Foundation staff and volunteers who interview surviving family members and ancestors and comb over old police reports, news accounts and pension board files to determine whether officer deaths were related to their duties as Chicago police officers.

“These officers died doing a job they loved, serving a city and country they loved even more,” said Chicago Police Memorial Foundation executive director Philip J.Cline. “By recognizing these heroes, we are keeping our promise to
Never Forget those who sacrificed everything on behalf of the citizens of Chicago.”

Today, Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Gold Star Families Memorial and Park (Waldron Drive/Museum Campus Drive) located on the lake front just east of Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Lieutenant Charles Stine (Woodlawn Station) On September 28, 1936 Lt. Stine was in Rehling’s Tavern at 203 E. 69th St.
when parolees Norman Cravens, Clarence Lukesch and Fred Meyers attempted to rob the establishment. The offenders got into a shootout with Detective Nicholas Connelly and Lieutenant Stine who were each shot multiple times. The officers shot and killed Cravens during the shootout in which 25 bullets were fired. Lukesch and Meyers were arrested and the investigation revealed that they and Cravens had robbed 50 small businesses since they were all paroled. Lieutenant Stine never fully recovered from the shooting and suffered extreme pain and chronic nephritis. These medical complications all led to Lieutenant Stine’s early death.

Officer John T. Lynch (Youth Division) On December 19, 1969, Officer Lynch and partner, Frank Dabrowski, stopped their patrol can near 55th and Halsted when a man flagged them down for assistance. The man pointed out three teenagers who had been harassing him. The teens fled as the officers approached and Lynch and Dabrowski gave chase. Officer Lynch collapsed during the foot pursuit and fell to the ground. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from a fatal heart attack.

Detective Laubet Zaccard (Rogers Park Station) On July 23, 1946, Detective Laubet Zaccard and his partner, Detective Joseph
Hyland, were on their way to a police call box to call into the station when they observed a uniformed officer, Donald McGinley, struggling with a suspect at 1565 W. Howard. Detectives Zaccard and Hyland went to assist the officer. The suspect, Charles Rayford, had gained control of Officer McGinley’s night stick and the officer drew his revolver. Detective Zaccard grabbed Rayford from behind and during the struggle, Officer McGinley’s revolver discharged, striking Detective Zaccard in the head, killing him.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation is a not-for- profit organization dedicated to honoring the lives of our fallen heroes. The Foundation provides support and financial assistance to the families of Chicago police officers who were killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

Established in 2004, the Foundation strengthens the relationship between the Chicago Police, its business and civic leaders, and its citizenry. It allows us to express our gratitude to the fallen Officers’ families for the ultimate sacrifice of
their loved one. To date, the Foundation has donated more than $6.2 million to family members of Chicago police officers in need of assistance.

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