Crime Stoppers Atlanta


On 08/26/2015 I responded to a Larceny at 370 Old Ivy Rd ( Sarah Smith Elementary School ). Upon my arrival I spoke to Ms. Freda Hamilton ( Assistant Principle) stated that Between 4:08 p.m and 4:11 p.m a black male entered into the building in a rear door that was unsecure that leads to the cafeteria. He then walk up the stairs to a hallway where the class rooms are, he then went into class room #14. The suspect came out and went back down stairs and exit the building. Later Ms. Lindsey Boulding ( Teacher ) was out of the room at the time when the suspect came in. When Ms. Bouldin came back to the room she was looking in her purse and noticed her wallet was missing. Thats when the video was reviewed and saw the suspect entering the room. Maintenance was call to secure the door. Ms.Hamilton saved the video.

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