Gay Man Threatens to Release Sex Tape of Popular Pastor [Video]


sex tapeA gay man has threatened to release contents of an alleged sex tape if a popular pastor does not step down. Markeith Rivers has reportedly met with deacons of Weeping Willow AME Zion Church and showed them the video. Rivers, known as the Down Low Detective, is on a personal mission to expose pastors who live double lives.

When speaking of himself, Rivers said he is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is just a wolf. He has posted videos on Facebook to support the allegations against Henrico White, the North Carolina pastor, with claims of taking further action unless White resigns. Rivers has given followers details of the alleged sexual encounter and posted a video of a meeting with deacons of the church.

According to the DL Detective, deacons of Weeping Willow Church have confirmed the man in the video is indeed their leader. They have also requested additional time, or due process, for the pastor to plead his case before Rivers takes further actions. Rivers responded emphatically:

Due process for what? You have seen the video and knows Henrico is gay!

After hearing the allegations, one person said White pastored two other churches prior to Weeping Willow. Under his leadership, within a few months, both churches grew in membership and was strengthened financially and spiritually. The unnamed source believes the church does not want the pastor to step down because he has empowered them in such a great way. The stance of the deacons was compared to that of the sports industry and explained as follows:

Despite off-the-field issues, as long as the franchise player is producing on the field and putting fans in the seats they are not going to bench him.

sex tapeAccording to the church’s website, White is a well-known evangelist, revivalist and teacher who is highly sought after across the country. As the son of a pastor, White grew up in Walls Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in Charlotte, NC. Under the leadership of his father, White accepted the call to preach. He served as senior pastor to a few churches before being appointed to shepherd Weeping Willow in June 2014 by Bishop George E. Battle, Jr.

Rivers said it does not matter how charismatic White is, he needs to be exposed for preaching in the pulpit on Sunday mornings after having committed sexual acts with him. After learning of the story, people have used social media to warn preachers everywhere to watch out because there are other “Markeith Rivers” out there waiting to catch them. On a Facebook post the DL Detective wrote:

I have a confession to make. I must admit my family pastor and I have been intimate and having sex. He is the pastor to my entire family and I think it is time the church really knows the truth. This man is at church preaching the good word but is also having sex with me. No lies needed, I have the sex tape for proof!

Rivers has posted videos of his meetings with Weeping Willow’s leadership and vowed to have supporters outside of services as well as upload the actual sex tape if White does not comply. They are asking the detective to allow time for due process in order to give the church to the opportunity to investigate the allegations and complete a trial before any actions relative to the sex tape occur. As it stands, Pastor Henrico White has not resigned nor has Rivers recanted his threat to release the contents of the sex tape if the pastor does not step down.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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