Idris Elba Is ‘Maxim’ally Rolling



British actor Idris Elba appears on the cover of the latest issue of Maxim, making him the first man to appear on the front of the magazine, which usually features provocative photos of beautiful women wearing sexy and revealing attire. The Elba cover is doubly notable; not only is he male, but he is conservatively-dressed as well. The issue, in which the Maximally rolling actor shares his thoughts regarding “topics such as sex, music and auto racing” has certainly turned heads with its first male cover.

Inside the magazine, he notes that he has always been one to appreciate fashionable clothing, and, as such, is now releasing a new clothing line called Superdry. As an already-established actor, singer, rapper, and DJ, and having won a Golden Globe Award, Elba is branching out into a wide range of specialties and making public appearances to promote them. Maxim‘s editor-in chief, Kate Lanphear, even mentioned that, “The guy broke the [British] land speed record which hasn’t been touched since like 1928. He’s sort of a living, breathing superhero.” His film career certainly would back up that title.

The Maximally-rolling Warlord Trekkie has played a great number of roles on both television shows and in popular movies. While it may be a little premature to give Elba the title of Superman, he does play an intense role next month as a warlord in the heart of Ghana, Africa, in a new Netflix series called Beasts of No Nation. In the series, his character motivates and pushes a young boy into adulthood so that he may become a merciless and vengeful warrior. Additionally, he will be in the new movie Star Trek: To Boldly Go, a role revealed in the contest for a part as a walk-on extra. The contest supports nine charities and gives six everyday individuals the opportunity to meet the cast and see the movie’s development process behind-the-scenes.

A few of Elba’s most noteworthy performances occurred in movies such as Thor, Prometheus, and Obsession. The actor was also the star of Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom. He also can be recognized in television series such as The Office, Luther, and The Wire. Rumors have been floating around that Elba will be cast as the next James Bond, a rumor he addresses by saying, “Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond. So if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.”

As the soon-to-be Warlord Trekkie poses on magazine covers, he continues to generate publicity both in the U.S. and in the U.K. regarding both roles he has accepted and those he has not yet agreed to play. Although his daughter is probably too young to watch all of her father’s eagerly anticipated masterpieces due to their ratings and content, his wide variety does pay off for his fans, who represent all different ages and preferences, whether they like humor, horror, science fiction, fantasy, drama, or historical fiction. As an actor on the verge of a high-profile role, he seems to have chosen the right approach in terms of posing for the cover of Maxim. At a time when Elba chose to expand his career to include more of his passions, he is making a statement about men being fashionable, while sharing what he stands for in interviews. Elba is Maximally rolling in new interest, new buzz, and some new fans.

By Jarick Roaderick

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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