Jill Scott Helps Promote Healthy Love as a Thick Chick in 2015 [Video]


From poetry to music, Jill Scott has enamored her listeners with truth, honesty, transparency, and the musical linguistic telling of life lessons learned, experienced and observed. As she sat with The Breakfast Club‘s hosts DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God, Scott spoke on love, life, and womanhood. As one of the most sought after artists in soul music, Scott helps to promote healthy love and relationships as a thick chick in 2015.

It is no easy task being an artist in the music industry today. Being a black woman in the industry only doubles those challenges, but when you add being a full-figured woman of color to the mix, it seems like the possibilities are more than limited. Scott was recognized worldwide with her debut album, Who Is Jill Scott: Words and Sounds Vol. 1. Her hit single, A Long Walk, garnered Scott a 2003 Grammy nomination. Unfortunately, Scott lost the award and won two years later for Best Urban/Alternative R&B Performance for her song, Cross My Mind. The album’s message, her talent, and lyrical content placed Scott on the map as one of the most artistic and beautiful full-figured women in the music game. With her words, her sound, and her look, she redefined what being big, black and sexy really means.

As she talked with Charlamagne and Yee during an in-depth interview on July 29, the actor and singer opened up about her stand on the Bill Cosby scandal, expressing that Cosby was very much like a father to her. She recounts how often he had helped her throughout her career and even before she was famous; giving her nuggets of wisdom and educational aid. Scott stated that although her heart feels one way about all that has come out about the comedian, her mind is still a functioning mind that has to take inventory. She did not want to believe the things that were being said, however, she had to take into account that the accusations were very real. She stopped defending Cosby because she says that it simply did not look good from any perspective. Although she may have stopped defending the accusations, she still believes that Cosby’s legacy should be allowed to remain intact.

Scott’s persona of love and reality has helped to shape some of the mindsets that women of today currently have. The old idea that being big, black, and beautiful was not only impossible but undesirable has long been broken with a growing movement appropriately coined The Thick Chick Movement. Artists like Ledisi, Queen Latifah and others who have embraced their curves and their color have created (and continue to create) a space in entertainment that takes notice of women who do not fit the stereotypical ideals of beauty. It is for these reasons that Scott helps to promote, as a thick chick, healthy love in 2015.

When it comes to love and relationships, self can play a detrimental part in what women accept and keep around them. The experiences that Scott shared about her own personal growth as a woman inspired so many who heard the interview or tuned into YouTube to watch the footage. “I hold myself to another level of accountability,” says the singer. As she gave her perspective on love, relationships, and growing into what she considers womanhood, the artist expressed so eloquently the importance of making decisions based on what one needs. She explains that a woman lives based on decisions of need, whereas a “grown girl” lives based on decisions made by what they want. In calling her latest album Woman, the poet and songstress explained that she is finally in a place where she feels she has made it to true womanhood. Hence the titling of the album.

As the singer/songwriter continued to speak, Charlamagne said that she needs her own talk show because she expresses things in a way that cause for people to stop and listen. A skill that has carried the Grammy award-winner throughout her career. Her honest lyrical poems that she shares with the world connect with fans and audiences in a way that is authentic, original, and most importantly filled with a loving compassion the can only come from a true place of being. Scott does more than her part to help promote healthy love, not just for thick chicks, but for women and people everywhere in 2015 and beyond.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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