Josh Duggar Is a Product of Homeschooling and Real-Life Ignorance

Josh Duggar
How many times can one person be forgiven? When he was a teen, he sought forgiveness for molesting his sisters. Now he is caught again and this scandal directly affects his wife as well as his children. Something is wrong in the Duggar households. Josh Duggar is a product of homeschooling and real-life ignorance.

There is something to be said about teaching children the value of their bodies. It is not wrong to teach abstinence. However, using religion as an excuse to misinform children about healthy sexual roles between consenting adults leads to unhealthy situations. Duggar is a prime example of this. When something is taboo, mostly due to lack of teaching, a child, and in this case, an adult, lacks the morality to make sound decisions.

Upon reading the police reports about the teen’s molestation of his sisters, there was a disturbing reoccurrence of incorrect terms used for a person’s body parts. For example, when referring to a woman’s outer anatomy the term used was for the inner part. The reference to a man’s sex organ was grossly misstated. The children interviewed told the inspector it was improper to touch a person between their neck and their knees. They said they knew to say no to unwanted touching.

The elder Duggars brag about one of their daughters getting married to a man she never even kissed. They also do not allow their daughters to wear skirts that do not fall below the knee. Showing the thigh is shameful because of its nakedness. The girls also do not go swimming for the same reason. The flesh of a woman’s body is more sinful than that of a man’s.

The Evangelical Christians homeschool their children to keep them from the worldly thoughts and ideas. According to recent articles, the Republican candidates are courting families who homeschool. Likewise, the families want Republicans in office because the politicians spout the same dogma.

How does this tie back to Duggar? He is once again the subject of a scandal. His admission of his pornography addiction and unfaithfulness to his wife link back to inadequate teaching of values. Duggar is a product of close-minded homeschooling and as a result he exhibits real life ignorance. He was taught to hate gays, abortion, and liberal thinkers. Since his family was basically for sale, he was not taught the value of fidelity. Even his molestation was brushed under the rug.

USA Today writes, Twitter majorly mocks Duggar. One of the tweets reads, “No matter what you’re going through, you’re still having a better year than Josh Duggar.” There were so many more, not so nice tweets. Another  has a photo of a cat with 3D glasses on holding a soft drink cup and popcorn. The words in the tweet say, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

One of the tweets mentioned his wife and how it must be difficult for her, especially with four children; one just a month old. While agreeing with this tweet, his wife could have foreseen this or something like this. When they were dating, Duggar told his wife about the molestations. The simple fact is, the old adage is correct, a leopard does not change his spots.Josh Duggar

Should an adulterer be trusted to change his ways? A good Christian would forgive. A smart Christian would also be prepared for more lies, secrets, and half-truths.

Had the matriarch and patriarch of the massive clan taken the molestation seriously and truly put their eldest son in a program he might have learned a different lesson. Dad told the police his son was in a rehabilitation program with manual labor and teaching. Mom told the police the son “kind of went to a place” to help construct a building.

The lesson he learned was it is okay to be bad as long as you apologize. As a result of real-life ignorance, the product of homeschooling and lack of sex education has made Duggar’s life a disaster. This is a reflection of the family’s choices. Perhaps, they will learn something from this and teach the younger children more about the real world.

Opinion By Cathy Milne
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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11 Responses to "Josh Duggar Is a Product of Homeschooling and Real-Life Ignorance"

  1. SFF   August 31, 2015 at 5:32 am

    Did you know that they are now force teaching Islam in our public elementary school systems under the guile of multiculturalism (what about the other religions of the world, why just Islam)?
    Actually forcing little impressionable children to adopt and pretend to be a Muslin while teaching them about Islam for two weeks in our (use to be now that they have been effectively hijacked just like the airplanes) school systems.Would you want your child forced to do that (no opt out unless you use sick days and then you would need doctors verification) ?

    This is why home schooling is becoming an effective alternative (aside from private academies) and the problems of one individual boy should not be singled out to vilify a perfectly good option to the above.

    There are two types of illnesses in people, biological and mental. This young boy obviously has a mental and needs to be treated for it, not the home schooling cottage industry.

  2. ConcernedMom   August 24, 2015 at 12:23 am

    By the way, my own father was addicted to pornography and still is. It has greatly affected our family in a negative way and it really hurt me growing up. I actually found some in his office when I was a little girl and it affected how I viewed him as well as how I viewed myself, which I struggled with for years, Although I don’t think he was ever physically unfaithful, I do know the addiction caused a rift in his marriage and hurt my mother very much. This was also damaging to the kids. he was not physically unfaithful but only because he was afraid to have an affair. He was, however, emotionally unfaithful. That being said, he went to public school and has no faith at all- an agnostic. His mother did not have any faith either. So what was the cause of his addiction? Home schooling? Religious training? Strict rules? Repressed? Hardly. He went to “regular” school like everyone else and I don’t think he ever went to church. Of course he grew up in a time without all the technology but I could maybe guarantee you if he had, he would have several accounts like Josh Duggar did – it’s so easy and accessible now. I say all this to make the point that people are so quick to blame home schooling, Evangelical upbringing, “repressive” (which are really just proactive and common sense) safeguards and boundaries, on people’s sins. But these sins exist outside of these contexts and often in greater number – yet not as publicized. I will also say that I lived an “unrepressed” life of experimentation for many years before I got married and deeply regret it. When my husband and I got married, our first kiss with each other was our wedding day – but that was not the first kiss for either of us. Even now, 10 years later into our marriage, images of a time I was with one man or another pops into my head and I cringe. Even though my wedding day was special because we “saved ourselves” for each other, it is still marred by how I gave myself away repeatedly in the past to some very undeserving men. Is that what you wish for your sons and daughters? I have lived the hard way and I commend the Duggars for being proactive in training their kids in the way of the Lord and having boundaries and safeguards. However, sin is sin and we each have the “freedom” to make choices. Josh Duggar made those choices but don’t blame home schooling or his parents’ training – he is an adult now and is a sinner like the rest of us. He knows right from wrong and for whatever reason chose this path and is now paying a high price.

  3. ConcernedMom   August 24, 2015 at 12:04 am

    I can’t speak for Josh Duggar but I do know that before he left for his job in DC he had tons of support from friends and family and lots of accountability – 2 things crucial to staying faithful and resisting certain temptations. Obviously he is the kind of individual who needs this extra support and accountability. Then he abruptly moves away from all his connections by himself with only his wife and kids – no support or accountability. Perhaps he was not proactive on how he would handle this with his known temptations. Perhaps he was overconfident in being able to overcome on his own. I think for the first time, too, his job called him away from his family for more extended periods of time. With his car lot he was able to spend much more time with his wife and kids I think. I am sorry for how he has fallen so disgracefully, but any of you men could fall the same way if you are not intentional and proactive in protecting yourself from these very real temptations. Especially in today’s world of technology. Not making excuses but it looks like he did not do these things (open the accounts, etc.) until he was in DC. People say he was isolated as a home schooler but in reality, the first time he was truly isolated was in DC when he moved there for his new job. We all need support and accountability in areas where we are particularly tempted. None of us are above failing, We all have the capability of submitting to sin.

  4. ConcernedMom   August 23, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    First, the girls do go swimming but they wear modest bathing suits, which is commendable. Second, you can hardly blame home schooling. Are you telling me that there is no one who is addicted to pornography and cheated on their spouse who was taught in a public school? When someone in the Evangelical world is exposed for these sins, everyone finds out and it is a huge scandal. However, statistically speaking I wonder what percentage of the secular world engages in this type of behavior. So then what is the great cause for public school graduates who do the same thing? Can’t blame it on home schooling in those cases. Be fair and balanced in your reporting.

  5. Barbara Ryan   August 23, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    While I don’t condone what Josh Duggar has done, I can hardly thing the author blames home-schooling. One of the main reasons families home school their children is because of what is offered in schools today. A child must deal with bullying, or other violent issues as well as Core misinformation. (I am not a support of the Core). Most home schools include field trips with other home schooled children (at least with the home school I’m familiar with did) in order to provide socialization.

  6. Sarah   August 23, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    That article is complete garbage
    “The elder Duggars brag about one of their daughters getting married to a man she never even kissed. They also do not allow their daughters to wear skirts that do not fall below the knee. Showing the thigh is shameful because of its nakedness. The girls also do not go swimming for the same reason. The flesh of a woman’s body is more sinful than that of a man’s.”
    Sounds like every girl in my highschool, and every frum high school male or female… We must all be molesting cheating sexually depraved people…
    That article is complete crap

  7. Carey Peak   August 23, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    This is typical behavior of the Hollywood set too. Hmmm.

  8. Robin   August 23, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I agree with much of this article…as for home schooling playing a part, the only correlation I see is that it isolates children and prohibits any chance of a child forming opinions from anyone but their home teacher, which is most always their own parent. I have said all along that any time you teach a child that something that comes naturally is bad and prohibited, you are setting the stage for them to experiment behind your back. I agree that teaching abstinence until marriage is fine, but by making any interaction with the opposite sex taboo (kissing, hugging or hand holding) until marriage, you are setting the stage for a child to feel ashamed of their natural biological feelings and thus forcing them to be secretive about any natural urges they might have. Josh Duggar is the poster child for this. His entire view on sex has been distorted and his choices, even as a married, adult male, are to go undercover and sneak around to try and learn things he wasn’t free to explore as a teen. The Duggars’ archaic views on sex, the human body and their role as parents has backfired on them. Their eldest son is proof of that.

  9. Maureen InMoetion Jeanson   August 23, 2015 at 9:30 am

    I fail to see the author’s correlation between home schooling, raping , infidelity and child molestation. There is no logical step to go from home school and teaching men to rape.
    This article is poorly written and it seems like home schooling was added in like sprinkles on dessert to see what flame it may fuel.

  10. Emma   August 23, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Dee is right. There are several facts just plain wrong here. I’m not a fan of the Duggar but at least get the basics correct. Sounds like someone has an ax to grind against homeschooling.

  11. Dee   August 22, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    You have so many facts wrong. One of which is the Duggars do not swim. Another, that they were raised to hate gays. If you are going to write an article, you need to fact check. Not just spell check. Thanks.


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