Josh Trank’s Antics the Reason for ‘Fantastic Four”s Failure? [Video]

Josh Trank
The reviews and numbers are in and the results are less than flattering. The latest Fantastic Four reboot is another bomb for the comic book movie franchise. What could have been a step in the right, innovative direction for one of Marvel’s oldest superhero teams, turned out to be a flat and dull remake to an already failed series. Though many fans complained that the movie lacked enough action and all-around “fantastic” element that would help it stand out, reports surfaced that the reason for the movie’s failure may have to due with director Josh Trank’s antics on set with the cast and crew.

When the news first broke that the Fantastic Four remake was coming to theaters, some “fans” were later outraged about the casting. Their opinions of excitement later turned to hate when these so-called-fans discovered that talented, black actor Michael B. Jordan would take on the role of white Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). It seems that these fan opinions were completely misguided and racist as Jordan was not the reason the movie tanked at the box office, but the movie was doomed halfway through production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trank was a mess behind-the-scenes. The Chronicle director hurt ticket sales for the flick by taking to Twitter days before its release to dispense his dislike for Fox’s final cut. He stated that his rendition of the movie was a lot more “fantastic” and placed the blame solely on the Fox studios for meddling in his vision of how the reboot should turn out. Analysts believe that because of his disheartening messages about the film, this may have cost over ten million in box office revenue.

Well, it seems that Trank might just be saying this to save his own skin among diehard fans and jeering critics. A source explains that Trank was actually very positive about the film once production wrapped. Cast mates also state that the director sent out an email saying that the flick was better than majority of the comic book movies out at the time. Trank’s odd behavior before the film wrapped came as no real surprise to majority of the crew involved.

During the filming of the movie, sources witnessed the director very distant from the majority of the cast. Allegedly, Trank would be reluctant to interact with the actors, and when he did, he would give very strange directions. The source went on to claim that during takes, Trank would tell characters when to breathe and forcing them to make the performance as flat as possible.

Josh TrankAccording to Entertainment Weekly, only cast and crew got to see the making of what would have been an entertaining fight scene between Trank and Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic). At first, Fox studios did not want to work with Miles Teller (Insurgent) because of his reported behavior problems. Rumors claim the actor can be very sarcastic and has a problem with authority. Trank was the one that pushed and campaigned to have Teller become a part of the project, only to have it backfire. The source explains that, at one point, the argument between the two got so heated that it almost came to blows. The two were chest to chest, taunting one another to take the first punch.

In contrast, Trank apparently fought with the studio to not hire Kate Mara as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman. When Fox did not cooperate and still gave Mara the job, the infamous director’s interactions with her were reported as “cold and cruel.” Whether these reports are based in fact or just over-sensationalized to build more buzz for the failing Fantastic Four flick, Josh Trank’s antics were not the sole reason for the movie’s failure.

A candid cast member explains that production for the film felt very rushed and lacked a clear vision. Halfway through filming, the studio realized that Trank was not a good fit and even considering removing him from the project. Sadly, no director would take a movie halfway through production. Therefore, Producers Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker scrambled to concoct a last-ditch ending.

It seems that fans were right in the box office and critic results for the reboot. A combination of Josh Trank’s antics during and after filming, lack of clear vision, and a rushed film were all factors in the Fantastic Four reboot’s poor performance. Though the rumors are not completely confirmed to be true, the evidence is in the critic reviews and box office sales. When the cast, crew members, and director are not all getting along, it shows in the final product of a less-than-fantastic remake.

By Tyler Cole
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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