Lenny Kravitz Has Wardrobe Malfunction


On Monday, August 3, 2015, Lenny Kravitz experienced a major wardrobe malfunction. Currently, the singer is touring Europe, and while playing in Stockholm, Sweden, he had an unexpected guest on stage, when “Little Lenny” made a brief appearance early in the show. Little Lenny, of course, is a nice way to refer to Kravitz’ penis.

Kravitz has made a name for himself over the years as one of music’s sexiest men. Over the last few years, he has toned it down some from his days of distributing nude publicity materials. His role as Cinna in The Hunger Games may have been huge to fans of the books, but it was not enough to detract from what made his famous: He is a world class rocker. Even at 51 years of age, he still knows how to rock his pants off.

During a performance of his cover of American Woman, Kravitz was dancing around and took a move a little low, causing his leather pants to split down the middle. Unlike many of the wardrobe malfunctions seen these days, his was legitimately an accident, unlike the Janet Jackson fiasco during the Super Bowl, which many believe was not a simple stroke of bad luck. As a long-time professional rock star, the singer knows that the show must go on, and he played right on through the mishap. In fact, he did not even realize what had happened until after the song, when he was pulled off stage and given a new pair of trousers.

Over the years, Kravitz has shown no shame in his game as he has frequently bared all in an effort to wow his fans. He has been able to maintain his career all these years by being a little more extreme than the next guy. He sings rock ballads with a heavy guitar, which has stood the test of time as far as musical styles go. Add in his role as Cinna in The Hunger Games and the singer has proven himself to have mass appeal across multiple generations of fans.

Kravitz did not have the type of wardrobe malfunction that could halt a career. The benefit in this situation is that many people have actually seen his penis before, so that this exposure does not amount to anything other than a man doing his job and splitting his pants. For the fans in the front of the audience at the Stockholm show, it was perhaps a little bonus to the price of the ticket. For those who may be wondering –  yes, he still has his piercing.

By Charles Jackson

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

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Featured Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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