Robin Thicke Officially Moving on From Paula to New Wife?

ThickeNewly divorced Robin Thicke has officially moved on from Paula Patton and reportedly ready to tie the knot again with his fiancée April Love Geary. Thicke and Patton went through a very public break-up which resulted in an album from the R & B crooner named Paula, in hopes of winning her back. The album did not accomplish its purpose with his ex-wife or on the music charts. Contrariwise, it flopped as did their union. Now, fresh out of a lengthy marriage, reports claim Thicke has decided to take the plunge again.

Alan Thicke, the Sex Therapy singer’s father, has warned the singer of the importance of not entering into another marriage hastily. Thicke, allegedly afraid of losing Geary, has ignored his father’s counsel and proposed to his girlfriend of 11 months. Geary, only 20-years-old, is 18 years the Lost Without You singer’s junior but appears to be happy with her new love interest. One source, when speaking of the couple, said:

Both his parents have told him to take some time and not rush into marriage again so soon, but he is not listening to those pleas. They go almost everywhere together, he is totally obsessed with her.

Divorce can be a painful reality that requires a time of healing and introspection prior to attempting a new relationship. Marriage is really not about the “happily ever after” myth, instead it is all about work and commitment. Life is full of ups and downs as is the world of marriage.

There are many obstacles awaiting anyone who has suffered the misfortune of divorce; even when mutual, it is a painful separation. It affects not only both families but the children who often find themselves caught in the middle of drama they never bargained for. Without proper counsel and an autopsy to really understand the “cause of death” divorce can leave deep scars filled with infection. However, when handled properly divorce may be the ending of one chapter of life which propels former lovers into the possibilities of a fresh start.

Allegedly, Thicke has officially moved on from Patton and is ready to embrace a new beginning. Although a bitter or mutual separation should not turn one’s heart against love, it should at least caution both parties from rushing into rebound relationships and additional heartbreak. Marriage is like building a house, in order for it to withstand the storms of life it must be built on a strong foundation. In other words, people must do the work to build themselves up prior to putting on the decorations that make the outside look appealing.

In the book Single, Married, Separated & Life After Divorce the late Dr. Myles Munroe compares marriage to an omelet. He explains once eggs have been blended to make the omelet there is no way to separate the units into whole eggs again. Munroe wrote:

Omelets are only as good as the eggs that are in it. If there is one rotten egg it will spoil the whole omelet. How good the other egg is will not matter.

In other words, after a divorce takes place it is up to the individuals to do the work to make themselves whole again. Divorce does not mean the end of the world, nor does it sentence a person to a life of singleness, but in order to build a new unit which can stand the test of time, healing must take place first.

Thicke has been fairly quiet outside of the drama surrounding the hit single Blurred Lines. Perhaps he took time away from the spotlight to do some introspective work or maybe he was busy working on a new relationship. Either way, there is definitely life after loss. Although Robin Thicke experienced a divorce, he has not lost hope in the institution of marriage. On the heels of a fresh divorce, reports state Thicke has moved on from Paula Patton to embrace a future with April Geary.  Is Thicke really ready to settle down with a new wife?  A rep for the singer says the recent claim is “100 percent not true.”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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