Liam Payne Solo Career: Planning One Direction Exit Like Zayn Malik?


Liam Payne is said to become the next person to quit One Direction in hopes that he can turn himself into the next Justin Timberlake. Months after Zayn Malik confirmed he was leaving the boy group to work on his solo career, it has been alleged that Payne is itching to do the same, but is patiently waiting for the right time to do it.

So, why the sudden decision to leave? What many One Direction fans may not know is that Payne has been penning the majority of the group’s recent hits, having found a huge passion in songwriting and producing music from his own life experiences. It could be said that Payne’s plans to leave the group is simply down to the supposed fact that the tracks he is writing for the band should be songs solely for him.

The 21-year-old currently holds the most songwriting credits on all of the One Direction albums, which shows clear signs that Payne may be the most talented one out of all of them. While other artists usually find other writers to purchase songs from, Payne is not only penning the tracks, he is also singing them. One can only imagine how much he earns in songwriting earnings alone.

And despite his joy in touring the world with the three remaining boys in One Direction, Payne has openly admitted that he wants to make songwriting more of a priority in his own career. Having already been approached to write for other musicians in the industry, the singer is at a stage in his life where he does not want to let these opportunities go to waste. He can write songs, has a reasonably good voice, and has millions of fan that would support his every move. What is stopping him from not quitting the band? Absolutely nothing.

“I like writing songs for different artists, and crafting a song is a really beautiful thing to do,” the 21-year-old recently shared in an interview. It is believed that their forthcoming studio album is pretty much executively managed by Payne himself — he has allegedly been calling the shots on what makes the album’s final but before its anticipated release later this year.

Going solo is a huge risk, that is for sure. With One Direction still being on the top of the charts with every new release, it would make sense why Payne would question himself of whether leaving the group is a wise move. Malik’s recent signing with RCA Records will be risky in the long run. Who knows whether the fans will even still support the departed 1D member, seeing that he abruptly bailed on the boys without any notice.

Seeing how Malik’s career turns out may give the former X Factor contestant the push in the right direction on whether he wants to stay with One Direction or go on and embark the journey by himself. Quite frankly, if he is already doing the most work in the group, why should he not try his luck at a solo career?

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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