Will Smith Alleged Divorce: Open Marriage Cheating Blamed for Jada Split?

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith may finally be going their separate ways. “Finally” is not a term used loosely as die-hard fans of the twosome would know that the couple has been hit with divorce rumors for the past three years. Extended vacations on their own were said to have been the first signal to an alleged separation following claims that Smith had hooked up with different women.

A year later, Pinkett-Smith would go on to state that she trusts her husband enough to tell him that if he wants to cheat on her, she would be okay with it. As long as he is able to look at himself in the mirror in the morning and be happy with himself, she can live with that. Now, those are her exact words — better yet, she is simply saying that an open marriage is what the duo needed to keep their marriage fresh and spicy.

But from what has been reported in the last week, it seems that neither of the two has been on the same page, as a source claims the two are exhausted of one another. Their 17-year marriage had its good times, but for the most part, neither of them have been happy whenever they are together, hence why they are so rarely seen out in public.

According to RadarOnline, the Hollywood actor wants a divorce from his wife of almost two decades, hoping that their split will not see the couple fight out on who gets what. An insider for the news outlet claims that Smith is willing to share his $240 million net worth with his supposed soon-to-be ex-wife, along with several properties that the two have bought over the course of years.

It was further alleged that the Smiths had “decided to pull the plug in a carefully choreographed manner, [and] agree announcing their split at the end of the summer is the right move,” which will be right after the 46-year-old wraps up shooting his latest movie, Suicide Squad. “They’re already moving on with their lives. All that’s left is the inking of the divorce papers,” the source concludes.

Pinkett-Smith has admitted in the past that marriage is not easy, adding that if her children were to approach her and ask for her blessings to wed their partner in their early 20s, she would most definitely disapprove. Speaking on the Howard Stern Show earlier this year, the Matrix actress says that she did not know the effort that goes in to make a marriage work for as long as it has for her — insinuating that the open marriage idea is what saved her relationship to her husband.

Why the couple now wants to divorce is a mystery in itself. It is fair to doubt that Pinkett would have made that decision, seeing that she was literally willing to do whatever she could to please her man. Maybe Smith just became aware of the whole open marriage concept: sleeping with women, and then returning home to the kids and the wife — what kind of lifestyle is that? Yikes.

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