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Lipstick is a fascinating subject with many topics to be shared. For example, the safety of ingredients in lipstick or the color best suited for a woman according to her astrological sign. Perhaps, there are concerns about how to use an applicator brush or if bacteria awaits a woman’s lips. When it comes to lipstick, there is a great deal of information that should be shared including tips and advice about related health issues.

Good Housekeeping magazine published an article which listed 12 different colors recommended for women based on their astrological signs.  The article offers color suggestions using the traits of the zodiac signs. The suggestions are interesting and fun.

  1. Capricorn women should wear medium pink. This warm color explores the patient, loyal and highly responsible Capricornian temperament.
  2. Aquarius women are rebellious and typically do not need to follow trends. An Aquarius woman should wear bright purple.
  3. Pisces ladies will look great in bright pink. This color reflects the open-mindedness of a Pisces, who is not afraid to try new things.
  4. Aries, the ram, always knows what she wants. Crimson is the color for the girl who always goes the extra mile to get what she wants.
  5. Taurus women will wish to wear garnet because they are confident and unafraid to show all of her strengths.
  6. Gemini is the yin and yang of astrological signs. Since Gemini women have duality as their primary trait, the color mixed berry is the color for them.
  7. Cancer is an earth sign, and she flows with the tide. Dark red demonstrates the flexibility of the women who always try to put their friends first.
  8. Leo, the regal lioness, deserves to wear ruby. This color expresses the loyal and confident jungle cat.
  9. Virgos are intelligent, analytical and exceptionally independent. A cool shade of berry will accent their hidden innocence.
  10. Libra women are always balancing grace, elegance and politeness. They are everyone’s best friend. These sweet little ladies should choose an almost invisible shade of soft pink.
  11. Scorpio, the scorpion, is always dark and mysterious. She is a bit dangerous and needs to use a dark burgundy which shares the intensity of this woman.
  12. Sagittarian’s color is coral; which is a bold expression for this archer. This woman is always looking at the shinier side of her life.

Here are some lipstick tips and health related health advice to share. Women rarely think about the dangers of using lipsticks. Women spend hard-earned money on their cosmetics and yet they are unaware of the bacteria that may lay in wait to attack their lips. For example, if using a brush as an applicator, it needs to be sterilized after each use or, better yet, purchasing a new one every time would be safer. A brush does not need to be expensive; there are packages of them at any local beauty supply store. Cosmetologists purchase these since they are intended for one-time use only.

Another safety concern is directly applying this colorant to the lips. Every time a tube of lipstick or the tip of an applicator is used, the nasty little germs that were on the lips are now on the lipstick. Inexpensive, one-time use lipstick is safer to use than the pricier brands, which are typically used repeatedly.

LipstickApplying lipstick while driving is as distracting as texting or talking on those little cell phones. According to, the U.S. Government’s website “more than 3,000 people were killed in 2011” in crashes involving distracted drivers. Women often rush out of the house without their lips painted and do not seem to be able or willing to wait to apply some until arriving at their destination.

Rarely discussed is lipstick ingredients. All of the items listed below are in the Environmental Working Base (EWB) Skin Deep Cosmetics database, according to an article from Bazaar Magazine. The EWB uses the following rating system; 0-2 is low, 3-6 is moderate, and 7-10 is high, these ratings indicate the overall hazard of each chemical. The next rating schedule indicates how much data is available.

  1. Retinyl Palmitate scored a nine rating with a fair amount of data available. This chemical is composed of palmitic acid and retinol (Vitamin A). According a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) study, when vitamin A it is applied to the skin in the sunlight, “it may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions.” However, this is when the chemical is used daily in large quantities.
  2. Tocopheryl scored a three rating with a fair amount of data available. This chemical consists of acetic acid and tocopherol (Vitamin E). The concerns for this chemical are skin allergens and cancer. The cancer concern is based on one or more animal studies where a tumor formed. However, this is seen when used in high doses.
  3. D&C Red 36 color and D&C Red Aluminum Lake, each scored a five rating with limited data available. These colorants are used in violation of government restrictions. They have been “banned or found unsafe for use in cosmetics.” The EWB database has an extensive list of colorants ratings and concerns.

Also found in the database is a list of myths regarding cosmetics safety. The first myth listed is, since the product is for sale at a retail store’s cosmetic counter, it must be safe. The fact is, “The FDA has no authority to require companies to test cosmetics product for safety.”

Even though sharing tips and health issues are important the fact is women are obsessed with lipstick. Additionally, men enjoy seeing women wearing lipstick. A prime example of this is a building in Manhattan, New York. It is known as 53rd at Third, but its other name is the Lipstick Building. This skyscraper resembles an extended tube of lipstick with its “exterior wall of red enameled Imperial granite and steel.” This building is the architect’s representation of his appreciation of the design of a lipstick bullet.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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