Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Separate Due to Normal Stressors


Life in itself can be overwhelmingly stressful. When a couple adds a public lifestyle, young children, and an auto accident to everyday strife, life gets rougher. Communication between two people can suffer as a result. Megan Fox and her husband, Brian Austin Green, have had a tough few years and, due to typically normal stressors, have separated.

Fox and Green have had a rocky relationship from the start. According to People Magazine, the couple has been together nearly 11 years. They met in 2004 when she was just 18 years old. Green was 30. Normally, 12 years is not much of an age difference, but an 18-year-old is just beginning to discover who they are as an adult.

Green had already fathered a child two years before meeting the actress. His life experiences varied so much from Fox’s, who was not allowed to date while she still lived in her parents’ home.

Both Green and Fox have worked steadily during their relationship. When both partners work, even in a traditional couple’s relationship, there can be difficulty finding time for building a strong base. This is especially true in the beginning when the honeymoon phase needs nurturing.Fox

According to various sources, the couple dated for about two years before becoming engaged in 2006. There is a discrepancy about the engagement being broken off in 2009. Fox states the rumored break was not true. They married in 2010 and became parents in 2012, and again in 2014. The actress continued to work very steadily.

In 2012, the model was in three movies and had a guest appearance on a television program. She was 24 years old, a young mother, a stepmother, and had many modeling/film/television jobs. If Fox was too busy, it could have caused dissension within the relationship.

The couple experienced an atypical event in 2009 when they were victims of the “Bling Ring” crew. Fox’s clothing was targeted for theft by the group’s ringleader, and jewelry and a handgun were stolen as well. Feeling personally violated is a normal response and one could wonder how this affected the young relationshipEven with the burglary, Fox and Green, then her boyfriend, managed to stay together, yet due to normal stressors, they have now separated.

A more typical, but no-less stressful event occurred when the couple was in an automobile accident in 2014 in which they were hit by a drunk driver. There were no injuries and the children were not in the vehicle at the time of the accident. According to People Magazine, Green said the accident was life-changing. He added, “Your head is reliving the moment over and over again, and you start thinking, could I have done anything differently?”

At the time of the accident, their children were two years old and nine months old. While there must have been relief that the kids had not been with themeach of the adults probably felt quite shaken. There is no indication how Fox felt after the accident, emotionally or physically.

Fox has been on 262 magazine covers, according to Fix. In 2009, she was the on the June cover of Elle magazine. In the accompanying interview, she talks about moving to Los Angeles when she was 17. When talking about meeting Green, she says that he was hesitant to begin a relationship with her because she was so much younger than him. “I had to convince him that I was slightly more responsible and well-spoken and had other things to bring to the table besides being 18.”

During her interview, she also talks about not trusting men. When the female partner in a marriage publicly states she does not trust men, there could be repercussions. Imagine Green reading this and wondering if she is including him in this distrust of men.

There are current articles which indicate that the 29-year-old actress and 42-year-old Green are having issues due to Fox’s not settling down for parenthood. Typically, by the time people reach their 40s, they have sown their wild oats. Even if they have a great career, they become more staid. All of this considered, it is likely due to typically normal stressors that Fox, and her husband have chosen to separate.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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