7 Reported Dead Following Shoreham Airshow Plane Crash

crashAccording to police, a Hawker Hunter plane has crashed into a number of vehicles in West Sussex where the Shoreham Airshow is taking place. They also confirm that the Royal Sussex County Hospital has been alerted to expect a number of injuries.

The BBC reports that people are completely overcome and shocked as the plane appeared to have “stalled mid-manoeuvre and came crashing down on the A27.” Early images show a scene that is filled with thick dark grey smoke in cloud like patterns appearing to rise endlessly upward.

An amateur video has been discovered, which shows the plane in a nose dive right before the crash.

A hospital spokesman has confirmed 7 people have been declared dead at the crash. Several others are presently being treated. One of these is in critical condition. More casualties are being treated at the accident’s scene, stated the spokesman.

According to one spectator interviewed by the BBC, “the pilot had just begun his display when he crashed.” Another witness driving past the air show’s entrance just prior to the crash said that “There was about a couple of hundred yards of cars queueing at the entrance to get in as well as stewards and some spectators sitting by the roadside. It’s horrific. It is a horrendous crash.”

GLV will update this story with the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler


BBC:Shoreham plane crash

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