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Microsoft offers an extensive array of safety and security for their users. The company is also concerned with the security of the Cyber-Centric Cloud for government agencies. Whether one is an individual, business or national consumer, Microsoft Corporation is working hard to ensure cybersecurity and consumer safety issues are addressed.

There are many solutions available for the safety and security of a person’s computer. The corporation has a website entitled,  Safety & Security Center. On the site, there are multiple options for their consumers to read, learn and increase their security knowledge.

In the section called highlights, there are articles pertinent to safety. For example:

  • Regarding Windows 10 upgrade, do not open any emails which claim to be the upgrade or accept assistance via an incoming phone call offering assistance. Microsoft is reporting cyber criminals are operating nefarious scams. They are actually giving instructions to install malware or ransomware.
  • Telephone tech support scams are another way cyber criminals get into a computer and control it from the outside. An article entitled, Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams,” offers detailed information about what a person needs to know. Additionally, how to report the scams to help prevent them in the future.
  • The online safety section offers tips on how to protect the consumer’s money, reputation, privacy, and etcetera. There is a quiz about online bullying. Another area offers information about risks important to the individual consumer. The page takes the reader through many graphics called, “Did You Know?”

There are videos available offering guidance and educational tips regarding safety. They are short videos, the shortest called, Privacy in Action is 1:19 minutes. There is another entitled, What is Rogue Software? which is just over two minutes. The third is 3:21 minutes long about Internet Safety at Home.

Overall, the site is inclusive and educational. It has answers for more topics around computer and internet safety from password guidance to information on how to download Microsoft’s Security Essentials. There is also a security update installation guide and how to remove viruses using their Safety Scanner.

Cybersecurity, consumer safety, and educational assistance are vital concerns for the Microsoft Corporation. According to the company, cybersecurity encompasses the overall security of computer systems, operations, and information.Microsoft

It is the belief of Microsoft that there should be national strategies for cybersecurity within each government’s system. The company indicates their support of governments moving toward protection of essential information and their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems. An ICT system is basically the package of hardware, software, data, and its users.

In a blog post about cybersecurity, there was a discussion of what a cyber-centric cloud strategy would look like. The concern being how to set up federal agency safety when moving into the cloud. Microsoft is offering a partnership which will assist the agencies in moving toward the cloud. They wish to assist in a methodical change without any sacrifice to the safety and privacy of the data.

There are recommended steps to be taken such as policy guides, downloads available and definitions of the Microsoft Cloud for Government. There is recommended reading about the company’s “CityNext” Safer Cities. The objective is to protect, detect and respond.

It is the concern of the Microsoft Corporation that all levels of consumer safety and cybersecurity are addressed and solutions offered. Individuals, companies, and governments are all offered the necessary tools and assistance by the corporation.

By Cathy Milne


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