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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation plans to implement ways to improve both their company’s efficiency and their products, with all changes expected to be made in 2016. From new programs to new energy sources, it is striving to appeal to the needs of all sorts of customers, whether they are environmentalists, workers, students, or just everyday people looking for a more developed and user-friendly way to navigate their technology’s capabilities. After meeting with disapproval of their Windows 8.1 operating system, their upcoming programs are being released in hopes of regaining all of the positive feedback lost in the iPhone-like setup.

in 2016, the Microsoft Corporation plans to start off with a higher appreciation of the environment. Two off-site sources have been set up to generate 285 megawatts of wind power for the company; enough energy to power 125,000 houses in the United States. The plants were set up to work with the company after Microsoft’s data center energy team determined that the current system-fueling methods are taking a huge toll on their expenses. The plan hearkens back to its 2012 promise to be carbon-neutral by applying an additional fee whenever a non-renewable source was needed. Tasking these types of measures to outside vendors has proven to be more beneficial for the company.

The tech giant is also looking to improve their Yammer server, which is used for “‘home feeds for network-wide sharing.” The new version will expand its cloud range so that users can locate each others’ feeds. It also will show any newly added posts as they are submitted, and there will be “group updates” for those using the application on mobile. Yammer will be a smarter server that predicts and auto-fills contacts that users wish to include when they send a message or call, and their messages can be delivered with a dragged-and-dropped file attached.

Yammer is similar to the Microsoft Corporation’s SharePoint, which is mainly used by workers to store company data. The program also has a lot of underlying features that people use to develop their own applications. SharePoint is a type of cloud that people use to submit, share and store important information without needing to directly contact the person, or people, on the other end of the project. This service will be shut down on September 15 in preparation for Microsoft Corporation’s 2016 plans for its replacement. In the meantime, the company is going to evaluate similar programs, like Google Drive, Huddle, and Alfresco to determine how to tweak Exchange Online, the new replacement, to grow past the current competition.

Another one of Microsoft Corporation’s recently developed programs is Office 365, which is another cloud-sharing server that businesses and other parties can use for simultaneous project building and editing, easy file sharing, event hosting, and email sending. It will integrate features like Delve, Office Graph, and Outlook to help make it easier to access appropriate material and functions through the collection of user data and history to find relevant information and web-searches. Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute will also work through the Office 365 system to connect through Microsoft instead of the Internet for a more stable and direct conference.

As Microsoft Corporation makes new additions and changes to its services in 2016, it will keep increasing the cost to use them. In a Premium package, a one-month subscription to Office 365 will cost $15. Rob Helm, a managing vice president, states that additional features will also cost additional fees. Even with a raise in prices, the new improvements are still hoped to jump out to different groups of consumers, and after its most recent failures, Microsoft Corporation is trying harder than ever to regain their popularity and steady income. The company is looking for any opportunities they can to incorporate the ideas of their competitors to create programs they hope will appeal to customers even more.

By Jarick Roaderick

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