NeNe Leakes Talk Show Halted by Wendy Williams


WendyNeNe Leakes confirmed her decision to leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta soon after the last season ended so she could move on to “bigger and better” things. There were talks of her and former co-star Kim Zolciak-Biermann working on a spin-off show together, which was later scrapped, as well as a talk show. Reportedly, she was developing a talk show to air after the infamous Wendy Williams Show. Wendy was more than happy to allow the Cinderella actress to utilize her viewing audience until another feud occurred and Williams trumped her by telling the production company it would have to choose one or the other.

It is no secret that Wendy and NeNe are not friends by far. They have both hurled insults at each other and had public feuds. Despite their differences, the famed talk show host had given her blessing for NeNe’s up and coming talk show until the RHOA celebrity brushed Wendy the wrong way. This occurrence caused Wendy to pull rank and show the reality TV star who the real queen is. If the reported story is correct, NeNe’s talk show was canned by the reigning African-American queen, Wendy Williams.

Supposedly NeNe left the Housewives franchise, stating she and her husband decided together that her time was up because it brought too much negativity into her life. However, just one day later, sources claim the actress was already plotting her return as a possible part-time cast member. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed her rise in the industry. It has long been stated that Andy Cohen and the Bravo network created the once favored housewife before turning NeNe into a ruthless an egotistical monster.

It was this same vicious demeanor which blocked the Broadway actress from landing the Fashion Police gig. NeNe’s fans adore her harsh demeanor and believe only those courageous enough to be ruthless can survive in the industry. It is obvious Mrs. Leakes has not handled the transition from a mother and housewife to a million dollar starlet as well as others. The truth is, it has long been said:

Money does not change a person’s character, it reveals it.

WendyThe RHOA platform has opened many doors of success for NeNe such as Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, The New Normal and Dancing With the Stars. With a net worth of $12 million, she also has a clothing line and television production company. Having much more money than in times past, NeNe often refers to herself as rich and is quick to inform other cast members that they are not on her level. According to recent reports, karma is not playing out in NeNe’s favor and she has learned the hard way that she is not on Wendy’s level.

With both shows being produced by the same company, out of respect and loyalty, Debmar-Mercury wanted Wendy to weigh in on NeNe’s proposed talk show. To the surprise of many, the queen gave the green light for the company to move forward with the show. At that time, the New Normal actress had made appearances on the Wendy Williams Show and there appeared to be no animosity. However, things all changed when the Think Like a Man actress criticized NeNe’s Hermes Birkin bag which, according to the talk show host, had been defaced.

Instead of addressing the insult and allowing bygones to remain in the past, NeNe kept the fire going by threatening to kick Wendy off the “talk show” throne. She also penned an open letter calling the host Wendell, insinuating she is a “transvestite.” The Cook Out actress chose to respond to NeNe’s antics by flexing her boss status and giving the production company an ultimatum. As it turned out, based on the success of her show and career, Wendy proved to be the top choice. To NeNe’s surprise, her talk show was halted by the resident queen, Wendy Williams.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Electronic Urban Report: The Reason Wendy Williams Squashed NeNe Leakes’ Talk Show Revealed

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3 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes Talk Show Halted by Wendy Williams

  1. Bravo was her best and only significant gig. She doesn’t have the chops to be a star on her own nor on primetime TV. Sorry NeNe fans. You needs to face the truth and so does Leakes. She is rude, crude and has limited appeal. She is the negative energy and I hope she doesn’t spend all her money on trappings. She has set one trap for herself. The one she laid for the other cast-mates. 12 million is not rich in Hollywood dollars. You can’t shoplift Uncle Sam.
    Bye girl!

  2. I love Nene, the truth is when people come for her, she comes back!!! I think she should have a talk show, if we remember Windy Williams was just like Nene, when she was on the radio. This is how she got her show, by playing DIRTY. I pray another network will pick her up.

  3. The world does NOT need another talk show. NeNe needs to stop fighting with everyone. The whole world can’t be wrong, maybe it is you. Seems you just a mean person,rich or not.

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