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Nicki Minaj Supports Drake in Meek Mill Feud: Preps Split From Rapper?



Nicki Minaj is keeping her nose out of Meek Mill’s feud with Drake though it has been made to seem like she is siding with her current beau. Fans were livid not to see Minaj stick up for her Cash Money peer as he battled the 28-year-old in an ongoing feud, which has since transitioned into numerous diss tracks.

According to reports, the 32-year-old does not want to side with either of them since one is her boyfriend, and the other is like a brother to her. While fans have been baffled with the songstress’ decision — since she has only been dating Mill for a year — it seems that Drake is accepting the fact that she does not want to get involved in other men’s business. Especially when it comes to two people she deeply cares about.

“Nicki wants to continue being Drake’s friend but as far as this feud, she doesn’t want to be part of it and she hates being tangled all up in it,” a source reveals, insinuating that standing in the middle of a feud is the last place she would want to find herself in. Minaj has known Drake since 2008, back when the two first signed their deals with Cash Money/Young Money. Just years later, both artists would go on to tour the world, and continue to dominate the music industry with high-charting singles.

Though Mill is heated over the fact that hip-hop fan have sided with Drake for his lyrical content when it came to dissing his new rap enemy, Minaj is refusing to even mention the drama on her social media pages. She is aware that going against Drake would make her look bad in front of her fans, and of course, the man she has claimed to be someone she sees as a brother. Furthermore, a source adds, “She respects him as a person and as an artist and no one can take the fact away that he’s a heavy hitter in the music biz.”

Fans are convinced that if this feud continues, Minaj will most likely pull the plug on her romance to Mill, who music critics strongly believe has benefited off of the couple’s public romance the most. The female rapper’s association with Mill is said to have helped him push for his highest-grossing first-week sales to date, selling 230,000 copies with his latest studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money.

When it comes down to it, YMCMB fans are convinced that Minaj’s loyalty strongly lies with her family, and Drake happens to be a part of her close circle. Though she has not addressed the situation publicly, she is bound to erupt with anger if she is persistently put in the middle of situations like these, another report claimed.

She is currently keeping herself distracted by continuing the North American leg of her PinkPrint tour, along with her beau, who is notoriously known as her opening act. Drake mocked Minaj’s boyfriend in his song, Back to Back, wondering why the self-proclaimed rap mogul cannot hold his own tours, insinuating that nobody would want to pay and watch the 28-year-old live. Their feud is to be continued.

By Maurice Cassidy


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